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Bar & Restaurant Promotions: A Recipe for Success!


What you want: sales, recommendations, and lots of repeat business. What your customers want: fun!

Grand Prize Promotions has numerous exciting options for the bar and restaurant industry that will bring more traffic, encourage longer stays, and of course boost your food and beverage sales. Most importantly, we can help you give your customers a fun, unforgettable experience they’ll want to repeat AND recommend to their friends.

Our hospitality promotions include: 99 Bottles of Beer, Dice Roll, and Safe-Cracker.

Bar & Restaurant Promotions - 99 Bottles of Beer99 Bottles of Beer

What a crowd generator! Contestants choose from 99 identical bottles, one of which contains a winning slip. Fast, easy and great exposure.

Dice RollBar & Restaurant Promotions - Dice Roll

Regardless of how you roll the dice, you'll get fun and flexibility, guaranteed. We can customize our dice to suit your corporate image, product offering, event look and feel. Your contestants will love the ease and excitement. And it couldn't get any easier! Your customers roll six dice, and if they spell "YOU WIN"... well, you get the point.

Bar & Restaurant Promotions - Safe CrackerSafe Cracker

Great for retail locations, tradeshows, dealerships, fundraisers, banks, open houses, employee appreciation days and more. Invite participants to crack the safe by entering the right combination. Our specially designed safe makes for a great promotion with visuals and sounds which makes for an exciting promotion and a great time.

Click here to get a quote - it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team will assess your bar or restaurant’s distinctive needs and work with you to select the promotions best for you.