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Baseball Events : From Diamonds to Dollars!


It's a sports contest that is the great American pastime! And Grand Prize Promotions has lots of proven Grand Slam promotions for your business!

Baseball Events - Baseball TossBaseball Toss

Your contestants can live out their fantasies and be Nolan Ryan for a few minutes. From the mound, your contestant is challenged to pitch a baseball through a target at home plate. Not easy, but certainly a lot of fun.

Baseball Events - Foul Pole Contest

Foul Pole Contest

Choose a fan at random, and should a wild foul ball smack the foul pole, you've got a winner. Hey, it happens!

Baseball Events - Grand SlamGrand Slam

Add to the already peaked excitement of a grand slam! When the designated team hits a grand slam in a specific inning, a lucky fan takes home a grand prize.

Hit For CycleBaseball Events - Hit For Cycle

Reward a lucky fan for a MVP: A most valuable play. Should a home team player hits a single, a double, a triple and a home run in the same game, the fan takes home the loot.

Baseball Events - Knothole HomerKnothole Homer

The outfield fence at ballparks is covered with sponsor billboards. The Knothole Homer contest is the best way to separate your sign from your competitors'. Within your sign, at least 12 feet off the ground, there is a bullseye target hole. If a player hits a home run through your bullseye target hole, a fan wins the grand prize. The premiums are based on the number of games, the value of the prize, the distance of the sign from home plate, the size of the target hole and the chances of one of the home players hitting a home run at your sign.

No HitterBaseball Events - No Hitter

No-hitters are unforgettable on their own merit, but make one even more impactful by rewarding a lucky fan should a game be a no-hitter. Call us for details and exciting prize ideas.


Baseball Events - Pickoff PlayPickoff Play

Everyone has thrown a baseball or softball in their life, which makes this perfect promotion approachable and fun. Should the contestant successfully throw a baseball from home plate to second base, or the pitcher’s mound to home plate, through a target, they take home the grand prize.

Baseball Events - Score/Time PredictionScore/Time Prediction

Prediction contests invite fans to predict scores at various points in a game, and if they are correct, they win the grand prize. This promotion works well in just about every type of promotion or sports event; call us for details.

Baseball Events - Three Strikes You WinThree Strikes You Win

Similar to our Baseball Toss promotion, this challenge requires the contestant to hit the target hole at home three times in order to win the grand prize.

Baseball Events - Triple PlayTriple Play

Simple, easy and a whole lot of fun, this promotion rewards a randomly-selected fan when the home team retires the side in a single play.

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team would love to discuss your sports contest and work with you to customize an unforgettably enjoyable promotion.