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Basketball Events : Nothing but NET!


Basketball games are sports contests that are always fast-paced and exciting. Use that excitement to promote interest and enthusiasm about your business! Let Grand Prize Promotions organize a Basketball Event for you!

Basketball Events - Around The WorldAround The World

Essentially, this is the same game we played as kids in gym class, except now there's a cash prize at stake. This challenge gives contestants the chance to win big if they can shoot five of five 3-pointers from five different locations.

Double Delight

Do it like Dirk Nowitzki and win! Your contestant will attempt to sink two out of three half-court shots to win the prize. Fun and exciting as a halftime promotion.

Basketball Events - Four-Shot ComboFour-Shot Combo

What says fun like pressure in front of a crowd? The contestant attempts to make four shots - lay up, free-throw, three pointer and half court (in that order) - in 24 seconds. A great halftime promotion and crowd pleaser.

Half-Court ShotBasketball Events - Half-Court Shot

Much like our Full-Court Shot promotion, contestants are invited to try to make a half court shot to win the grand prize. Great for big promotion needing high visiblity, exposure and excitement.

Basketball Events - Shootout


In this promotion, contestants have 25 tries to make a basket. The more baskets they make, the more money they win.

Three-Quarter Court Shot

Another fun and approachable challenge. Here, contestants attempt to make a basket from 3/4-court.

Basketball Events - Double DelightTwo Out Of Three

Two out of three ain't bad… and in this case, could be very, very good. If the contestants makes 2 out of 3 baskets from half-court, they win!

Choice of ShotsChoice Of Shots

Will your contestant choose to go for the easy shot or will they go for the huge prize and attempt the three-quarter court shot? In this contest the contestant has the opportunity to choose between a 3-point, half-court or three-quarter court shot. The longer the shot, they more they can win!

No Limit – 3 Shot Combo

Contestants in this promotion attempt to make a free throw, three-pointer and half-court shot to win the grand prize. If they miss a shot, they still keep playing for the chance to win secondary prizes.

Pick-A-SpotPick A Spot

Contestants are given the opportunity to shoot from the spot they feel most comfortable on the court. If they make the basket, they turn-around and shoot at the opposite basket to see if they can win the Pick-A-Spot contest and reign champion on the court.

3 Point Shootout

3 Point Shootdown
Can your contestant stand up to the pressure in this intense contest? Contestants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills by attempting to make 7 shots out of 10 within 25 seconds to win prizes. The more shots they make, the more they win!


Big PlaysBig Plays

Great promotions for when your fans are not at the game. Offer registered contestants a chance win big money by awarding the grand prize if a big play occurs during the game. Big plays can be buzzer beating half-court shots, a player with a record setting number of baskets or a game winning shot that you choose. If you can name the feat, we can award the prize.

Paper Airplane TossPaper Airplane Toss

In this contest, have your Sponsor drive their vehicle out on the court during halftime. If contestants can throw their created paper airplane into the sunroof, they win the grand prize. This promotion doesn’t have to limited to vehicles. It can be oversized chip bags, soda cans or any of your Sponsor’s products. If the paper airplane goes through the Target Hole, Grand Prize Promotions will pay the prize.

Prediction ContestsPrediction Contest

The contest for the real sports fan that can predict the future. In this contest contestants are given the opportunity to predict the final four, successful bracket of the tournament championship, the professional playoff bracket or even the final score. Of course if their powers point them in the right direction, Grand Prize Promotions will pay for their grand prize.

Conditional Rebate PromotionsConditional Rebate Promotions

How about giving your customers a chance of a rebate on their purchase? Think of any condition that can be achieved, and if that certain feat happens, Grand Prize Promotions pays for each customer’s purchase. Program examples: your team winning the national championship, your team winning their conference, a team with the most rebounds, 3-point shots…ect throughout the season.

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team would love to discuss your sports contest and work with you to customize an unforgettably enjoyable promotion.