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Car Dealer Promotions: Accelerate Your Sales Success!


With all of the competition in the car dealership industry, you need to be more than just one of the flock. We understand that it takes more than just the lowest price to bring potential customers into your dealership… you need to be different, and you need to offer value and fun up-front. Grand Prize Promotions can help you set yourself apart by offering exciting promotions, guaranteed to drive traffic to your showroom and, of course, boost your sales!

Our promotions for the car sales industry include: Conditional Rebates, Hole-In-One, and Sports Contests.

Car Dealer Promotions - Conditional RebatesConditional Rebates

Much like our Weather Promotion, this conditional rebate will drive sales by offering a rebate or reward if a specific event (a winning game, level of snowfall, election result, really, anything tied to popular current events) occurs. Call us for more ideas and how we can customize this promotion to suit your needs, drive your brand and increase your sales.

Hole-In-OneCar Dealer Promotions - Hole-In-One

What golf tournament wouldn't be more exciting with a hole-in-one challenge? Large cash purses or any prize you desire will truly amplify your event and make it unforgettable, and we have lots of options to make this work for your Putting Contests, Shootouts, Bunker Shots, Double Eagles and more...

Car Dealer Promotions - Sports ContestsSports Contests

We have a variety of ways in which we can help you combine playing-field action with fabulous prizes. This promotion can be used with any sport; call us for more information and unique ideas.

Employee Bonus Promotions Car Dealer Promotions - Safe Cracker

We also understand that you need a motivated sales team, ready to offer enthusiastic service right when that customer walks through your doors. Consider one of our effective employee bonus promotions:

Safe Cracker

Great for retail locations, tradeshows, dealerships, fundraisers, banks, open houses, employee appreciation days and more. Invite participants to crack the safe by entering the right combination. Our specially designed safe makes for a great promotion with visuals and sounds which makes for an exciting promotion and a great time.

Car Dealer Promotions - Lucky EnvelopeLucky Envelope

Irresistible and unforgettable, this endlessly-customizable promotion will set you apart from your competition! Contestants choose among an array of containers (bags, boxes, ornaments, envelopes - you name it), hoping to find the Grand Prize. The other containers are filled with sponsor-donated prizes of varying levels. We provide 100 money bags or envelopes, and fill one with a staggering amount of cash. Your contestant then gets a chance to choose the bag containing the money. This is a fun and high-energy promotion guaranteed to provide great exposure. Call us to discuss ways to customize.

Prediction Contests

We have a variety of prediction contests: weather, stock market,Car Dealer Promotions - Prediction Contests sports, awards ceremonies, elections… basically, any current event or variability can be a guessing game guaranteed to generate interest. Call us with your idea, or to hear more of ours. We'd love to create a custom contest just for you.

Car Dealer Promotions - Putting ContestPutting Contest

A putting contest has natural appeal for all types of folks. You choose the grand prize, and we do the rest: take care of signage, and more. Call us to discuss the endless possibilities with this promotion.

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