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Charity: 'Tis Better to Give Than To Spend!


Grand Prize Promotions understands that you want to raise lots of money for your cause, not spend lots of money on a promotion. That’s why we’ve created several easily-customized options for your next charity fundraising event. Not only will our options make your event fun and exciting for everyone involved, they will ensure your benefactors keep you in mind for future gift-giving opportunities.

Charity - Duck RacesDuck Races

Duck… duck… BOOST YOUR FUNDRAISING DOLLARS! This fun and classic promotion is a sure-fire way to generate excitement and financial support for your cause. If the pre-selected lucky duck is the first to cross the finish line, you win. Call us for ways in which we can customize this promotion.

Hole-In-OneCharity - Hole In One

What golf tournament wouldn't be more exciting with a hole-in-one challenge? Large cash purses or any prize you desire will truly amplify your event and make it unforgettable, and we have lots of options to make this work for your Putting Contests, Shootouts, Bunker Shots, Double Eagles and more...

Charity - Sports ContestsSports Contests

We have a variety of ways in which we can help you combine playing-field action with fabulous prizes. This promotion can be used with any sport; call us for more information and unique ideas.

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team will assess your charity’s unique needs to help you bring in more money for your worthy cause.