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Direct Mail: You’ve Got Mail!


Our smart, service-oriented team understands your need to boost your mail response. Grand Prize Promotions has the best prices in the country for all of your direct mail needs. Even better, we have some of the most innovative and enticing options available. We can customize our numerous direct mail choices to meet your specific needs, and help you reach higher levels of success.

Direct Mail - Direct Mail LotteryDirect Mail Lottery

Oh, the temptation of receiving a potentially lucky key, card or a number in the mail! We can design a promotion that will drive traffic into your showroom or dealership, based on a enticing giveaway.

Direct Mail - Drivers License/License Plate Match

Drivers License/License Plate Match

The prospect of winning a new car is a sure-fire way to draw prospective clients to your dealership. Should their driver’s license or license plate number match a pre-selected number, they win.

Direct Mail - Match & WinMatch & Win

Hows this for an exciting picture: You receive an envelope in the mail. You open it, match the contents and you win! Channel that excitement to your business today! Grand Prize Promotions can show you how.

Scratch Cards

Direct Mail - Scratch Cards

Everyone loves scratch cards. They are simple and exciting, and Grand Prize Promotions has several easily-customized options perfect for your business or event. Scratch cards are a wonderful way to reward top employees and loyal customers, encourage new customers to visit your place of business, or add more punch and fun to your promotion or event. They also work hand-in-hand with our powerful Direct Mail pieces.

Click here to get a quote - it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team will assess your unique needs and help you build an effective and fun direct mail strategy.