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Fishing Events : Catch the Big One!


Fishing Events are always popular sports contests because of the huge loyalty of it's fans. Everyone loves to see and angler reel in a whopper! Channel that excitement to your business with these great events.

Fishing Events - Big Record CatchBIG Record Catch

Go fish... for the biggest fish there is. When a record catch is considered unlikely, you can level the playing field and increase interest in your tournament with an Exceeding Weight Challenge. If a fish is caught in excess of a predesignated weight, the lucky angler will take home a big cash prize.

Fishing Events - Matching Weight

Matching Weight

A great tournament pleaser! Should the weight of the caught fish match a preselected mystery weight, the angler takes the grand prize (a boat full of cash, a truck or more)!

Fishing Events - Tagged FishTagged Fish

Another great angling promotion. Here, fish are tagged and released prior to your tournament. Iif the winning tagged fish(es) are caught, Grand Prize Promotions pays for the prize.


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