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Football Events : Gridiron Greats!


Football has been an American tradition for more than a century. You can use that heritage to create lots of interest in your business. Here are just a few sports contest events that can skyrocket your sales!

Football Events - Field Goal KicksField Goal Kicks

Kick it up a notch and win! A fan attempts to kick a field goal from a distance of 40, 45 or 50 yards.. and successful field goal earns a large cash prize or valuable merchandise.

Outstanding Big PlaysFootball Events - Outstanding Big Plays

Another great way to build your contact database or exposure. Have contestants fill out registration forms, and should the outstanding big play occur during the specified game, and a lucky fan wins the grand prize. Great for many different venues. Call us for customization options.

Football Events - Pickup PuntPickup Punt

If a lucky fan successfully kick a football into the bed of a new pickup truck, they win the truck. If you want something really different, have them try to kick it into one of 6 shopping carts!

Punt-Pass-KickFootball Events - Punt-Pass-Kick

A fan takes home the grand prize by 1) punting the ball from the back of the end zone 2) throwing the football as far as possible, and 3) making a field goal from that mark. A fun and exciting halftime promotion!

Football Events - Runback for CashRunback for Cash

In this promotion, a lucky fan wins the grand prize when the home team runs back the opening kickoff of either half for a touchdown. We can easily customize this promotion to make it uniquely yours; call us for ideas and to discuss how we can help.

Score/Time PredictionFootball Events - Score/Time Prediction

Prediction contests invite fans to predict scores at various points in a game, and if they are correct, they win the grand prize. This promotion works well in just about every type of promotion or sports event; call us for details.

Football Events - Target TossTarget Toss

A pickup truck is a thrilling grand prize. In this promotion, if a fan throws a football through a target hole, they win the truck. Pretty simple, but exciting and effective.

Watch to WinFootball Events - Watch to Win

Watch it! We have many options for Watch To Win Contests that are sure to attract viewers. Call us to discuss ways in which we can involve your audience, broadcast messages, and notify winners. We can custom-design a promotion guaranteed to be exciting AND very effective.

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team would love to discuss your sports contests and work with you to customize an unforgettably enjoyable promotion.