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Golf Promotions: A Stroke of Genius!


When it comes to Hole in One and golf promotions, we were the first, and we’re still the best.

Over twenty-four years ago, we pioneered the Hole in One concept in the United States, and since then we’ve provided civic groups, automobile dealers, country clubs, resorts, corporations, radio and television stations and thousands of charitable organizations with reliable hole-in-one prize coverage. We offer more prize choices, customized signage, and a support team dedicated to making your golf promotion smooth, fun and memorable.

Golf Promotions - Bunker ShotBunker Shot

This promotion can be added to an existing hole-in-one promotion or offered as a special contest all its own. Let the players of the winning foursome have a shot at a new car or $10,000 for making a bunker shot on a specified hole. Let us custom design the shot for you; call for details.

Hole-In-OneGolf Promotions - Hole-In-One

What golf tournament wouldn't be more exciting with a hole-in-one challenge? Large cash purses or any prize you desire will truly amplify your event and make it unforgettable, and we have lots of options to make this work for your Putting Contests, Shootouts, Bunker Shots, Double Eagles and more...

Golf Promotions - Ice PuttingIce Putting

Make a challenging putt even more difficult by putting it over ice. Contestants attempt to putt a golf ball through a small target to win the BIG grand prize.

Signage - SupportGolf Promotions - Signage\Support

We will work with you to design unique, eye-catching signage and support products, including banners, point of sale signage, registration boxes, tee signs, presentation checks, display tools, and more - all completely customized with your logos, colors, products.

Golf Promotions - Tournament Players IncentivesTournament Players Incentives

Offer your tournament contestants significant incentives to build excitement and draw crowds. Call us for ideas and to explore ways in which we can help you be more successful.

Each golf event is unique. Click here to get a quote - it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team will assess your wants and needs and work with you to design an unforgettable event that will exceed your expectations.