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Hockey Events : Cool Cash!


Keep your stick on the ice! Let Grand Prize Promotions turn this exciting sport into a Stanley-cup winning sports contest promotion for your business!

Hockey Events - Center Line/Far Blue Line ShotsCenter Line/Far Blue Line Shots

Who doesn't want to take a shot at making a goal and being Mike Modano for a minute or two? Contestants are invited to make a shot from the center line or far blue line; should they be successful, they win the prize.

Hit the PuckHockey Events - Hit the Puck

It's good to have a goal. In this promotion, contestants attempt to shoot a puck through a target positioned in front of the goal.

Hockey Events - Dot to DotDot to Dot

In this challenge, contestants attempt to shoot the puck diagonally from one face-off circle to the opposite face-off circle. If they are successful, they win the grand prize.

Open Net ChallengeHockey Events - Open Net Challenge

Should your contestant make six shots into an open net from various spots on the ice, they take home the grand prize. This promotion is fun and exciting for fans of all levels.

Hockey Events - Quick ShotQuick Shot

Our newest hockey game is a combination of skill, luck and speed. At one end of the ice there’s an empty net. At center ice there are 20 pucks...on the clock there are 20 seconds. The contestant attempts to make a number of shots in 20 seconds into an empty net and we pay the grand prize. It’s a great game to play.

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