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Prize Coverage: How It Works For You!


Picture an arena filled with prospective clients. Each one holds a ticket. A number is announced...there's a winner! Imagine the excitement! Now imagine the cost! The level of excitement, interest and effectiveness of a promotion or event is often closely related to the value of the prize. Giving away a valuable prize is a sure-fire way to guarantee interest. But how to finance it? That's where Prize Coverage and Grand Prize Promotions can help.

Prize CoveragePrize Coverage Benefits

Everyone loves to win and everyone loves a winner. But how to finance an exciting prize? Use Prize Coverage and you'll only pay a fraction of the actual prize value. You'll get all of the excitement and interest at a very reasonable fee.

Prize Coverage Examples

  • A New Car
  • $1,000,000
  • A Luxury Cruise
  • A Lavish Vacation

The possibilities are endless! Prize Coverage can be your ticket to increased customer interest and demand! Let us help you to select the best promotion and prize for your business. We have a number of stock promotions that are suitable for practically any type of business. And we can find a way to make it affordable and fun! Your customers will see your business in a new light and you'll generate excitement and interest all within your budget! Grand Prize Promotions can make it happen!

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! Let’s discuss your business, and together we can develop a promotions strategy that will entice customers to visit your place of business and increase your bottom line.