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Prize Promotions A-F


3-5-7 EnvelopePrize Promotions - 3-5-7 Envelope

Great prize promotion for a great time…start off with seven envelopes. Have your contestant pick one, then one from the five envelope set, then the three set. If they have the three winning symbols, they win the grand prize!

Prize Promotions - 99 Bottles of Beer99 Bottles of Beer

What a crowd generator! Contestants choose from 99 identical bottles, one of which contains a winning slip. Fast, easy and great exposure.

Prize Promotions - Airplane TossAirplane Toss

It's not easy, but it's fun for everyone. Your contestants toss paper airplanes towards a target at least 45 feet away. Anyone can try this challenge; it's great for large crowds and outdoor events.

Prize Promotions - Big 5 Money DrawBig 5 Money Draw

This is the punched-up version of our regular Lucky Envelopes promotion. In this version, your lucky finalists will be given 40 bags, each of which contain one of four possible prizes. The bags are then opened until they find five matching prizes. This is a great promotion for a high-visibility initiative.

BingoPrize Promotions - Bingo

Bingo is exciting, popular, profitable, and risk-free. Call us to discuss how we can customize this experience for you and your contestants.

Prize Promotions - Birthday CashBirthday Cash

In order to win, the contestant's birthday must match a randomly-chosen birth date - that's it! This promotion can be done just about anywhere: your establishment, sporting events, on-air. Simple and fun, and the prizes can be multi-level; call us for details.

Call for CashPrize Promotions - Call for Cash

It's all in the numbers, right? Listeners register online, we choose a phone number at random, and if a registrant's phone number matches, they win. This is an easy, fun way to enrich your marketing database.

Prize Promotions - Conditional RebatesConditional Rebates

Much like our Weather Promotion, this conditional rebate will drive sales by offering a rebate or reward if a specific event (a winning game, level of snowfall, election result, really, anything tied to popular current events) occurs. Call us for more ideas and how we can customize this promotion to suit your needs, drive your brand and increase your sales

Count the CashPrize Promotions - Count the Cash

Countdown to cash! Should the home team score within the first 30 seconds of the face-off, a random spectator cashes in. As the seconds pass, the prize amount decreases. This is an exciting crowd pleaser.

Prize Promotions - Dice RollDice Roll

Regardless of how you roll the dice, you'll get fun and flexibility, guaranteed. We can customize our dice to suit your corporate image, product offering, event look and feel. Your contestants will love the ease and excitement. And it couldn't get any easier! Your customers roll six dice, and if they spell "YOU WIN"... well, you get the point.

Dollar Bill DropPrize Promotions - Dollar Bill Drop

You can still buy a thing or two with a dollar bill… and win even more with this special promotion! Because you’ll have a captivated audience, your advertising dollars will be worth more, too. Winning the grand prize will be based on a specific serial number on a lucky buck. We can place dollar bills into your market via retail outlets, or we can generate random winning serial numbers. We have several options for this promotion; call us for details and to find out how we can customize.

Prize Promotions - Drivers License/License Plate MatchDrivers License/License Plate Match

The prospect of winning a new car is a sure-fire way to draw prospective clients to your dealership. Should their driver’s license or license plate number match a pre-selected number, they win.

Duck Races
Prize Promotions - Duck Races

Duck… duck… BOOST YOUR FUNDRAISING DOLLARS! This fun and classic promotion is a sure-fire way to generate excitement and financial support for your cause. If the pre-selected lucky duck is the first to cross the finish line, you win. Call us for ways in which we can customize this promotion.

Prize Promotions - Frequency MatchFrequency Match

This promotion is especially for radio stations. It awards a spectacular grand prize when the home team scores at the time mark in the game that matches the station’s radio frequency.

Frisbee TossPrize Promotions - Frisbee Toss

A Frisbee. A target. A prize. What could be a simpler - yet more effective and fun - promotion?

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