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Prize Promotions G-L


Prize Promotions - Guess-The-NumberGuess-The-Number

How many ping-pong balls, beanie babies, etc. can fill an average-sized sedan? Have your contestants guess by filling out a card - a great way to build your prospect database. Whomever is closest to the actual number wins a chance at the grand prize. Call us for options.

Item Sequence MatchPrize Promotions - Item Sequence Match

Choose an array of items, from pro basketball teams, to your product line, and have contestants guess their secret order. We have lots of ideas for items, prizes and prize levels; call us to see what we can do for you with this exciting, unique promotion.

Prize Promotions - Last Chance LottoLast Chance Lotto

Everyone deserves a second winning chance. The day after a significant lottery drawing, simply announce new numbers we choose for you. Should a losing ticket make the match, the contestant takes the prize.

Lucky 6 PixPrize Promotions - Lucky 6 Pix

Everyone loves a scratch-off card! This promotion combines the fun of scratch-off with the excitement of a lottery: contestants reveal potential winning numbers on a scratch card, then compare to the winning combination. Cards can be direct-mailed to potential customers, or given as incentives to existing ones. As with all of our promotions, the customization choices are endless. Call us for more details.

Prize Promotions - Lucky EnvelopeLucky Envelope

Irresistible and unforgettable, this endlessly-customizable promotion will set you apart from your competition! Contestants choose among an array of containers (bags, boxes, ornaments, envelopes - you name it), hoping to find the Grand Prize. The other containers are filled with sponsor-donated prizes of varying levels. We provide 100 money bags or envelopes, and fill one with a staggering amount of cash. Your contestant then gets a chance to choose the bag containing the money. This is a fun and high-energy promotion guaranteed to provide great exposure. Call us to discuss ways to customize.

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