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Retail Promotions: Shopping for Fun!


Whether you’re running a shopping mall or an individual store, Grand Prize Promotions has just the thing for you! We can help you build your unique brand, stretch your advertising dollars, encourage new and repeat business, and reward your loyal customers. Most of all, we can bring excitement to your marketplace, ensuring an unforgettable and fun shopping experience… which translates, of course, into more money.

Retail Promotions - Conditional RebatesConditional Rebates

Much like our Weather Promotion, this conditional rebate will drive sales by offering a rebate or reward if a specific event (a winning game, level of snowfall, election result, really, anything tied to popular current events) occurs. Call us for more ideas and how we can customize this promotion to suit your needs, drive your brand and increase your sales.

Match & WinRetail Promotions - Match & Win

Oh, the temptation of receiving a potentially lucky key, card or a number in the mail! We can design a promotion that will drive traffic and sales into your showroom or dealership, based on a enticing grand prize.

Retail Promotions - Safe-CrackerSafe-Cracker

Great for retail locations, tradeshows, dealerships, fundraisers, banks, open houses, employee appreciation days and more. Invite participants to crack the safe by entering the right combination. Our specially designed safe makes for a great promotion with visuals and sounds which makes for an exciting promotion and a great time.

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! Let’s discuss your business, and together we can develop a promotions strategy that will entice customers to visit your place of business and increase your bottom line.