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Our Top Ten Most Popular Promotions


Below you will find our Top 10 Most Popular Promotions. Or you can call us at 800-446-1886 for more information, a quote or help with customizing your event to fit your needs.

Popular Promotions

Top Ten Promotions - Lucky EnvelopeLucky Envelope

Irresistible and unforgettable, this endlessly-customizable promotion will set you apart from your competition! Contestants choose among an array of containers (bags, boxes, ornaments, envelopes - you name it), hoping to find the Grand Prize. The other containers are filled with sponsor-donated prizes of varying levels. We provide 100 money bags or envelopes, and fill one with a staggering amount of cash. Your contestant then gets a chance to choose the bag containing the money. This is a fun and high-energy promotion guaranteed to provide great exposure. Call us to discuss ways to customize.

Duck RacesTop Ten Promotions - Duck Races

Duck… duck… BOOST YOUR FUNDRAISING DOLLARS! This fun and classic promotion is a sure-fire way to generate excitement and financial support for your cause. If the pre-selected lucky duck is the first to cross the finish line, you win. Call us for ways in which we can customize this promotion.

Top Ten Promotions - Airplane TossAirplane Toss

It's not easy, but it's fun for everyone. Your contestants toss paper airplanes towards a target at least 45 feet away. Anyone can try this challenge; it's great for large crowds and outdoor events.

Field-Goal Kicks

Top Ten Promotions - Field Goal Kicks

Kick it up a notch and win! A fan attempts to kick a field goal from a distance of 40, 45 or 50 yards.. and successful field goal earns a large cash prize or valuable merchandise.

Top Ten Promotions - Baseball TossBaseball Toss

Your contestants can live out their fantasies and be Nolan Ryan for a few minutes. From the mound, your contestant is challenged to pitch a baseball through a target at home plate. Not easy, but certainly a lot of fun.

Four Shot Combo

Top Ten Promotions - Four Shot Combo

What says fun like pressure in front of a crowd? The contestant attempts to make four shots - lay up, free-throw, three pointer and half court (in that order) - in 24 seconds. A great halftime promotion and crowd pleaser.

Top Ten Promotions - Birthday CashBirthday Cash

In order to win, the contestant's birthday must match a randomly-chosen birth date - that's it! This promotion can be done just about anywhere: your establishment, sporting events, on-air. Simple and fun, and the prizes can be multi-level; call us for details.

Safe-CrackerTop Ten Promotions - Safe-Cracker

Great for retail locations, tradeshows, dealerships, fundraisers, banks, open houses, employee appreciation days and more. Invite participants to crack the safe by entering the right combination. Our specially designed safe makes for a great promotion with visuals and sounds which makes for an exciting promotion and a great time.

Top Ten Promotions - Dice RollDice Roll

Regardless of how you roll the dice, you'll get fun and flexibility, guaranteed. We can customize our dice to suit your corporate image, product offering, event look and feel. Your contestants will love the ease and excitement. And it couldn't get any easier! Your customers roll six dice, and if they spell "YOU WIN"... well, you get the point.

Matching WeightTop Ten Promotions - Matching Weight

A great tournament pleaser! Should the weight of the caught fish match a preselected mystery weight, the angler takes the grand prize (a boat full of cash, atruck or more)!

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