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Tradeshows: Trade Expense for Traffic!


Grand Prize Promotions knows that you put a lot of time, effort and money into crafting your tradeshow presence. But to stand above the crowd, you need something bigger, something more compelling than what your competitors are offering. That’s why we’ve developed a set of simple, easily-customizable promotions perfect for tradeshows.

Tradeshows - Dice RollDice Roll

Regardless of how you roll the dice, you'll get fun and flexibility, guaranteed. We can customize our dice to suit your corporate image, product offering, event look and feel. Your contestants will love the ease and excitement. And it couldn't get any easier! Your customers roll six dice, and if they spell "YOU WIN"... well, you get the point.

Lucky EnvelopeTradeshows - Lucky Envelope

Great promotion for a great time…start off with seven envelopes…have your contestant pick one, then pick one from five envelope set and then the three set. If they have the three winning symbols, they win the grand prize!

Tradeshows - Safe-CrackerSafe-Cracker

Great for retail locations, tradeshows, dealerships, fundraisers, banks, open houses, employee appreciation days and more. Invite participants to crack the safe by entering the right combination. Our specially designed safe makes for a great promotion with visuals and sounds which makes for an exciting promotion and a great time.

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! The Grand Prize Promotions team will assess your unique needs and help you build a tradeshow promotion theme guaranteed to drive more traffic to your booth.