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Weather Sales Promotions: When It Rains, It Pours… Dollars! If it Freezes, it's Free! If it Snows a certain amount, your customers win their purchase! If the Cubs win the World Series (okay, the Cubs might not be a good example—but it would be cheap)…the list is endless!


A weather sales promotion is often used to increase sales and help with an advertising campaign to increase a company’s bottom line…REVENUE. The sales promotion runs like this: when customers purchase a product or products, they receive it free if something happens, it is also called a Conditional Rebate promotion. This promotion can only cover the purchase price and cannot include taxes. This type of sales promotion can be ran a number of ways. For weather, pick a certain sales period, a day, a week, a month and ten days or more after the end of the sale, if something happens like it snows on Christmas 3 inches from noon to midnight, or reaches 100 degrees on the Fourth of July, then your customers receive their purchases free! It can also be used in conjunction with a local professional sporting team or even a college rivalry. The premium is based on the likelihood of the event happening.

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Conditional Rebate Sales Promotions:

When thinking about this type of sales promotion, it’s helpful work with a project that is believable. Call us and we’ll help design a custom sales promotion. The sale period typically needs to end 10 days prior the event date. With sporting events, it can be closer to the event date. The offer could be to pay for your customer's purchases in the event of winning the big game a big play—returning the opening half kick for a Touchdown, Snow High or Low temperature, Rain, - this promotion will help you generate more sales at a fraction of the covered amount. If you are thinking about a running a promotion like this, remember, your competition might be as well. Be sure to move quickly because the market only has a certain amount of capacity for each day. We will only allow one promotion in your locale on that date within your industry.

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Conditional Rebates are perfect for Car Dealerships, Jewelry Stores, HVAC Heating and Cooling retailers, Furniture stores and other Retail operations.

Click here to get a quote – it’s quick and simple! Whatever your event, we can help develop a memorable promotion that will entice customers to visit your place of business and increase your bottom line.

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Crack our Safe and win the loot!

If you are looking to build sales, traffic or increase publicity to your location, ask us about our 22” cubed safe pictured above. Great for Retail Store locations, Tradeshows, special events like store anniversaries and Grand Openings, or festivals. If a client cracks the safe, they win the prize. Cars, cash, diamonds, you name it, we’ll insure prizes up to a million dollar.