Prize Recommendations

Unique and exciting hole in one prizes go a long way in attracting participants for your golf tournament and creating a buzz about your hole in one contest. While cash is always a crowd pleaser, you may want to get creative and offer something big like a trip for two, tickets to a popular event, or even a brand new car! 

At Grand Prize Promotions, we cover promotions big and small to meet each company’s unique budget and needs. Our goal is to assume all the risk so you can enjoy all of the reward with our prize coverage. We like to say that if you can dream it -- we can insure it! Here are some of our hole in one prize packages recommendations, but we’d love to hear yours, too! Get in touch with us today to start planning your creative golf prize packages. 



    Prize Packages for Your Promotions

    With so many golf enthusiasts at your golf tournament, why not give participants a chance to win a golf trip of a lifetime? There are so many beautiful, renowned golf resorts to choose from like Pebble Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Pinehurst. Our customizable golf trip hole in one prize packages can include rounds of golf, spending cash, airfare and lodging.

    Outdoor Toy Package

    Offer the ultimate outdoor toy package to your event participants! Golfers will love testing their luck and skill to win ATVs, motorcycles, personal watercrafts, or snowmobiles. Participants can win any of these fun outdoor toys, plus a sports utility trailer for easy transportation.

    Relaxing Trip for Two

    Who wouldn’t want to win a relaxing trip for two? As one of our most popular golf holes prizes, you can offer airfare, lodging, and spending money to just about any destination whether it’s within the United States or overseas! Some of our most popular destinations for hole in one prize packages include Hawaii, St. Lucia, Scotland, Ireland, and London!

    NASCAR Driving Experience

    Lots of people wonder what it’s like to drive a real NASCAR around a real NASCAR track! With our golf prize coverage, you can offer a real NASCAR driving experience. Winner(s) can take command of the wheel and experience the thrills of NASCAR first hand at the Richard Petty Driving experience! This hole in one prize package can include airfare and accommodations for two plus a ride along or a driving experience at locations nationwide. How cool is that?

    More Prize Packages

    Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

    One of the most popular hole in one prize packages offers contestants to win a brand new car, truck, or SUVs! This is a great opportunity for event goers to win the car of our dreams. Plus, with our golf prize coverage, you can advertise to win just about any vehicle whether it’s a sporty Porsche or a heavy duty F-150! 

    Home Makeover Package

    Who needs a new kitchen or wants to build the finished basement of their dreams? Contests can compete for a full home makeover packaged with your hole in one prize package! Offer a hole in one prize of $100,000 to make the upgrades needed to create a home of anyone’s dreams. 



    Even More Prize Packages

    Jewelry and Watches

    Who wouldn’t want to win a luxury watch from Rolex or Panerai? With our golf prize coverage, you can offer luxurious jewelry and watches to your participants. Perhaps you offer a gift card to Cartier or choose a specific, coveted watch from Rolex for your hole in one prize package. There’s lots of options when it comes to luxury jewelry golf prize packages!

    Cash Prizes Packages

    Cash is king! Offering cash for your hole in one contest is easy because it is so versatile and you can customize the amount, whether it $1,000 or $100,00. You could even advertise a million dollar prize for your hole in one contest! 

    Another great idea, which many of our partners opt for, is to offer a 50/50 split where the winner would receive half of the lump sum and the other half is donated to your charity, organization, or scholarship fund. It’s truly a win/win for everyone!

    How Much Does Golf Prize Coverage Cost?

    One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how much does golf prize coverage cost? Pricing for our customized hole in one prize packages will vary based on a number of different factors including the golf hole yardage, number of participants, and cash value of your hole in one prize. Once we determine these factors, we can provide you with an accurate quote.



    Want to make your event exciting and attract a larger crowd? Our creative golf prize packages are sure to get people talking about your event! Along with prize coverage and fulfilment, we will assist you with creating advertising pieces like custom signs and banners to get people excited about your event.

    Grand Prize Promotions will help you advertise big prizes for just a small premium. You’ll definitely generate buzz with our creative golf prize packages. If you have ideas for a creative hole in one prize package, we’d love to hear them! Get in touch with Grand Prize Promotions to learn more by calling us at 855-433-6716 or fill out our online form.