Rapid Fire

A lucky finalist will line up at the center of the ice. 20 seconds will get set on the clock and the finalist will have to make 20 goals in those 20 seconds. If they make all of the shots, they win big!

Golden Goal

One lucky fan will win big if a player on the home team scores a goal during the selected period and also at the time predicted before the start of the game.


Score Shot

A contestant will line up at the center of the ice or the far blue line and shoot the puck through a target opening into the open net. If they make it in, they win!

Dot to Dot Shot

This promotion is sure to get the audience on their feet! The elected contestants attempt to shoot their puck diagonally across the ice- from one face off dot to another. If someone lands the puck directly on top of the opposite face off dot- a grand prize winner is born!

Chuck a Puck

Contestants must toss a puck onto a target opening from the seating area to win.

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Our customized packages include premium signs printed in-house that can be customized to your specific event and brand. These Include:

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