Pack the stands and receive full fan engagement with our Soccer Promotions. Check out our extensive list of promotions that are customized to your needs! Our unique Soccer Promotions increase traffic to the stands and back to your sponsors in a heartbeat!

We are able to provide you with the most comprehensive Soccer Promotions package available on the market. Maybe you are looking for contests or promotions that depend solely on how the home team is playing that day, or maybe you want to test your contestant’s soccer skills with a variety of Soccer Kick Promotions. Let your imagination soar when it comes to designing the perfect idea for your Soccer Promotions, and if you are having trouble determining what’s best for your business, our team is only a phone call away. We have a highly trained staff who will help you create ideas to get your brand in front of thousands of soccer fans!

Whether you are a local lawn business sponsoring the high school game or a big-name automotive brand promoting at an MLS Soccer Tournament, we have you covered - we mean that quite literally! Get started today by clicking on our Soccer Promotions to the right or by downloading our complete Soccer Promotions Catalog.

Soccer Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions

Why Choose Grand Prize Promotions for Your Soccer Promotions?

Grand Prize Promotions can give you the tools you need to make your soccer promotions flourish! With over 30 years under our belt, we have perfected our process to provide our clients a seamless, turn-key soccer promotion package. If you do have questions, our team is available around the clock to guide you through the entire process! So, why are you wasting time? Our promotions are designed to boost revenue and brand awareness. Every promotion comes with a custom sign announcing your brand as the sponsor because we know there’s nothing more important than getting your name into the community. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that you only have to pay a small premium for a big prize.

Why choose us for your Soccer Promotions:

•  Turn-key Soccer Promotions package
•  Around the clock customer service
•  Offer BIG prizes for little premiums
•  Brand awareness in the community

What Prizes Can We Offer with Our Soccer Promotions?

Offering your contestants a prize they really want to win insures your Soccer Promotions will be the most talked about event in town! We are able to insure $10,000 (?) Grand Prizes for as little as $400! Where else will you get a big prize for a small premium? Grand Prize Promotions is here to take all the risk off your plate so you can freely market your business with our Soccer Promotions.

Prize Ideas for our Soccer Promotions Include:

•  Cash!!
•  Vehicle
•  Trip for two
•  Shopping spree
•  Season Tickets
•  And so much more!
Soccer Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions
Soccer Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions

What’s included with our Soccer Promotions?

Grand Prize Promotions is here to help you every step of the way! Our staff has been trained on every Soccer Promotion so that they can help you customize your contest to fit your individual needs. We believe that consistency is key when booking with us, so you will be guaranteed these benefits with every package:

•  Custom 2’ x 6’ banner
•  11" x 17” Register to Win sign
•  Sample rules and regulations
•  Event execution checklist
•  24-hour customer service
•  Prize Fulfillment

Contact Grand Prize Promotions for Your Soccer Promotions!

Grand Prize Promotions is well equipped to provide you with the best prize indemnity coverage in the business, and our representatives are available around the clock. That’s right, 24-hours a day! Allow us to walk you through the most comprehensive plan for your soccer promotions! We have a saying here at Grand Prize Promotions – getting Soccer Contest Coverage with us is as easy at 1, 2, 3.

So, connect with us today so we can bring you new ideas on how to maximize sponsorship and generate fan excitement with our Soccer Promotions!

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Soccer Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions
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Looking for additional options for your Soccer Promotions? Download our soccer catalog today!

Dive into our Soccer Promotions that require the contestant to beat the clock or maybe a soccer promotion that is between halves! These interactive Soccer Promotions are sure to gain traction for you and your sponsor!

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