Grand Prize Promotions (GPP) is a division of American Hole ‘n One, the industry leader for hole-in-one insurance.  We have a knack for what works! These promotions are designed to invite potential clients into the dealership for a test drive and a chance to win a new car! GPP will help customize the best promotion for your dealership based on your target market that will increase company sales.

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The name of the game is to match the VIN to win. Essentially, if the contestant’s last 6-digits on his or her driver’s license matches the VIN number on the vehicle, they win big! This is perfect to add to your weekend to boost your sales!

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Rolling in the prizes. The idea of this auto dealer promotion is to allow a  contestant, who has completed a test drive, to roll a set of dice.

If they match on the winning sides than the contestant will roll away in a brand-new car! GPP will provide custom dice spelling “N-E-W-C-A-R” or you can supply any 4 to 6 letter word!

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This contest is a great way to tie in your local sports teams with your stores and help promote new and exciting products. Consumers will have the chance to win back their money on a certain purchase if the specified event occurs.

This gives the consumers a reason to make their purchase with you during a sales event!  For example, if your local sports team makes it to the championship game and wins, all consumers who made their purchase during your promotional period would receive a full or partial refund of their purchase.

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Can your guests crack the code? Auto dealer promotions like these are fun and interactive. GPP will provide your dealership with a Plexiglas vault that is locked. Your contestants will then have the opportunity to enter a code in the keypad on the vault. If it matches, the safe will open and the contestant will win the grand prize! We also have the option to use one of our Lucky Locks. It can be attached directly on the vehicle which is a great option for direct attention to the featured prize!

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We offer a wide range of Showroom Promotions that have proven their worth for multiple Automotive Dealers. Our Showroom Promotions range from key to win scratch cards to interactive truck bed kick promotions. Don't waste anymore time. Our Showroom Promotions have increased dealers response rates by over 300%!

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