Get on the ball with our Half Court Shot Insurance and Halftime Promotions! Our basketball promotional ideas are guaranteed to drive traffic, increase sales, and elevate brand recognition. Grand Prize Promotions has a dedicated staff to walk you through the most comprehensive basketball contest insurance packages in the industry.

Don’t break the bank when it comes to half court shot insurance and basketball contest insurance! We can help you protect your investments for a fee as low as $400, and you will be able to grab the fans’ attention by offering an extravagant prize. Who wouldn’t want to win a lump sum of cash, a vacation, or a car?

Need some basketball promotion ideas? That’s what we are here for. You can offer halftime promotions such as a 24 second progressive shot, a half court shot, or even a bracket prediction for the upcoming tournament. Either way, we will help you create the perfect prize package for you and your fans.

Select one of the tabs to download informative flyers to share with your sponsors or call us today to learn how half court shot insurance and basketball contest insurance can benefit your next basketball halftime promotion.

Basketball Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions

Why choose Grand Prize Promotions for your Basketball Contest Insurance and Half Court Shot Insurance?

We have the flexibility to help create basketball promotion ideas that will boost visibility for your brand and increase sales! We make the entire process quick and easy, and we offer an extensive list of basketball promotional ideas for you to share with your team and your sponsors. With years of basketball contest insurance experience under our belt, we have perfected our packages to best accompany you. Let us assume all the risk when you promote your business. For premiums as low as $400, you will be getting the chance of a lifetime to boost revenue and brand awareness with our basketball promotional ideas.

Why are our basketball promotions the best?

• Create visibility
• Increase company sales
• Offer big prizes for small premiums
• Carry no legal risks

What Prizes Can You Offer with Our Basketball Promotions?

The wonderful thing about doing your basketball contest insurance with us is that you can choose the Grand Prize! That means if you are a small appliance store, you can give away a washer and dryer if they win, or if you are a large jewelry retailer, you could give away a luxury watch. We can help you customize your basketball promotion ideas to fit the needs of your business. Still not sure what kind of prizes to offer? Here’s a look at our most popular prizes.

Prizes to offer with Our Basketball Promotion Ideas:

• Cash

• Cars

• Tickets to the next game

• A trip for two

• And more!

Basketball Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions
Basketball Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions

What’s Included with Our Basketball Contest Insurance?

Here at Grand Prize Promotions, we take all the weight off of your shoulders by being a one-stop shop when it comes to organizing your promotion. When you purchase basketball contest insurance with us, you will receive the best customer service in the business, sample rules and regulations, and guaranteed prize fulfillment! You can even contact our on-site print shop for additional signage for your event, and it’s not only convenient, but also affordable! Like every promotion package we offer, you will receive a bundle containing the following:

• Custom 2’ x 6’ banner

• Custom 11” x 17” register to win sign

• Sample rules and regulations

• Event execution checklist

• 24-hour customer service

• Guaranteed prize fulfillment

Contact Grand Prize Promotions for your Basketball Promotions Insurance

We are available to you 24 hours a day to help guide you through the entire process, so that everything goes off without a hitch. A successful promotion equals happy customers and a more successful business! Consumers are much more likely to buy from a company that is willing to invest in their community, so let’s get your name out in front of them today!


We are the best in the basketball contest insurance business, and we want to work with you. You can count on us to help make a lifetime impression on your consumers!

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Basketball Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions
Basketball Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions

Our Catalog of Basketball Promotion Ideas

Our downloadable catalog is available for you today! It’s filled with basketball promotional ideas that are proven to be crowd pleasers. People like to have fun and that’s exactly what we offer with our comprehensive basketball promotional package. Start maximizing sales and generating fan engagement today by downloading our basketball promotional catalog!

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