Dice Roll shutterstock_243039496

GPP provides custom dice with your station and sponsor logos. Every listener at the remote event throws the custom printed dice. If any listener throws a winning roll, they roll away with the grand prize! Tie client names or prizes into the winning word (i.e. “M-I-L-L-I-O-N" or "B-9-8-5-F-M".)

Scratch Cards

Road to Riches, Key to Win, and, Money Bag versions available. Contestants attempt to scratch the six (6) winning symbols to win. Second chance surfaces can be used to award sponsor prizes.

Licensed to Win 

Post a predetermined 6-digit winning number (provided by GPP) on a banner at your remote. Every listener at the remote will have the chance to check the last 6 digits of their driver’s license to the posted number. If anyone has an exact match – they win!


Money Bags

Display 100 money bags stuffed with prize certificates. Randomly select a finalist from all listeners in attendance at the remote event. Your lucky finalist will pick one money bag and win the prize inside. Every money bag is a winner and one money bag contains the grand prize!

Guess the Lucky Number

Display a container or vehicle filled with any item of choice (i.e. basketballs, golf balls, money, ping pong balls, bottle caps). Each listener to visit the event fills out an entry with their guess of the exact number of items on display. At the close of the event, randomly select finalists from all entries received. If any lucky listener has guessed the winning number – they win the grand prize!

Prize Wheel shutterstock_1185670942

Listeners receive the chance to spin the prize wheel to win big prizes! If any lucky listener spins the wheel and it lands on the predetermined winning number(s) – they win!

Prize Vault

GPP provides a clear plexiglass portable safe pre-programmed with a winning combination. Attendees enter a lucky combination guess into the digital keypad on the Prize Vault. If they "Crack the Safe", they win the cash!

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Try - Million Dollar Music

Invite lucky listeners to your VIP listener party or event. Each listener will rank their favorite 8 songs on the station's playlist. If any listener creates the winning playlist in the correct order - they win the grand prize!