ATV Contests

Hosting an ATV event and want to draw in a large crowd? With our ATV contest promotions, you’ll keep attendees engaged, draw in a large crowd, and boost ticket sales. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve come up with highly engaging concepts for prizes and promotions, so your event can stand out from the crowd. And, for just a small fee, we’ll cover the entire prize package value. There’s really no limit to what prize you can advertise for your ATV contests or ATV sweepstakes!

Learn more about our ATV contest ideas and get in touch with us to start planning your event!


    Why Choose Grand Prize Promotions for your ATV Contests

    Grand Prize Promotions offers a wide range of industry-based promotions that are proven to generate buzz around any event. Our clients note that we are an exceptional partner and very easy to work with. We’ll help you craft engaging ATV contest ideas, make recommendations for prizes, and handle prize fulfillment, so the process is straightforward and seamless. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that we are underwritten by A+rated Great American Insurance Group so your grand prize is covered - regardless of value!

    Prizes for ATV Contests and ATV Sweepstakes

    Whether you are holding ATV contests or ATV sweepstakes, the most important part of your plan is choosing the prize to promote. With the help from Grand Prize Promotions, the possibilities are truly endless! For just a small fee, you can give away huge prizes like brand-new vehicles, trips for two, airline tickets, cash -- even an ATV! If you can dream it, Grand Prize Promotions can insure it!


    Ideas for ATV Contests

    Prediction ATV Contests

    No one knows who will win the race, but your attendees will love guessing! If a participant should guess the top finisher, they will win big!

    Roll the Dice

    This interactive contest keeps guests engaged during any event. Pick a winning word or phrase and have participants attempt to spell it out on the dice. If they player successfully rolls the winning word or phrase, they win!

    Games of Chance

    There are plenty of games of chance we can design for your ATV contest. Whether the odds are long or short, Grand Prize Promotions will assume all of the risk, so you don’t have to!

    Games of Skill

    There are lots of games of skill to choose from for ATV contests. Have participants throw a frisbee through a designated area, hit a hole in one, or bowl a strike for the chance to win big prizes. These promotions are a great way to liven up any powersport event. 

    ATV Sweepstakes

    Your event attendees will love the suspense of who gets chosen for an ATV sweepstakes at your next event! We have plenty of ideas for ATV sweepstakes that will boost ticket sales and make sponsors happy. You can have people sign up for your sweepstakes at the beginning of the ATV race, which will create a remarketing list you can use after. Or, ask your attendees to do you a favor like follow your event on social media or post a photo with a hashtag. ATV sweepstakes are perfect for generating leads and building excitement around your event.


    Contact Grand Prize Promotions for ATV Contests Insurance

    Grand Prize Promotions offers every client personalized attention and superior service and support. We’re proud to be underwritten by A+ rated Great American Insurance Groups, so your grand prize will be covered no matter what. Allow us to make recommendations for your ATV contest or ATV sweepstakes, as well as big ticket prizes that are sure to get people excited. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our ATV contests by filling out our online form. We look forward to working with you!