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Grand Prize Promotions (GPP) specializes in prize indemnity insurance for promotions, contests, games and more. As a division of industry leader American Hole ‘n One, GPP shares their commitment to a wide range of innovative promotions and contests, professionally trained specialists, and is underwritten by A+ rated Great American Insurance Group.

While our list of current promotions is extensive, we pride ourselves on being accessible and excited to work with our clients on any promotion or special event they envision.

At Grand Prize Promotions, if you can imagine it, we can insure it.

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Deciding on Risk
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Have you ever wondered how companies promote contests that offer the chance to win a big money prize?

Year after year, Grand Prize Promotions (formerly American Media and Special Promotions) provides this opportunity to thousands of companies by providing coverage for a grand prize at a fraction of the cost. We work with you to customize an innovative promotion that will exceed your fan’s and your sponsor’s expectations while still maintaining a fixed budget. After twenty plus years, we know what it takes to make our clients stand out in a crowd and we continuously work to create new and innovative promotions that keep them there. 

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By Sport

Increase ticket sales, boost sponsor revenue and drive more excitement to your event with our variety of contests for any sporting event. Learn more here


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By Industry

Drive business to your showroom, brick and mortar store or even to your radio station with our industry-specific promotions designed with your customers in mind. Grand Prize Promotions, a division of industry leader American Hole ‘n One, has a wide range of proven promotions. Learn more here


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Direct Mail

Whether you are a Dealer, Retailer, Restaurant, University, Real Estate Company, Time Share, Financial Institution, Mobile Phone Provider or in any other industry using direct mail, we guarantee our promotions are cost-effective and will maximize the return on investment of your marketing dollars. Learn more here





Our sweepstakes division is fully equipped to help you achieve your marketing objectives at a competitive price. Every sweepstakes administered by GPP provides an all-inclusive, turn-key program to administer every detail to running a successful sweepstakes promotion.  Learn more here




shutterstock_171918695Cupid’s SweetheartsLove is in the air during February, and Cupid is taking care of all his sweethearts. Contestants will be mailed a Valentine’s Day heart with a number printed on it. If your number matches the number at the sponsoring company, then ding ding ding, you have a winner!
Keys to my Heart: Do you have the key to my heart? GPP will supply a plexiglass safe filled with candy hearts and locked with a keypad. The contestant will take their best guess at the code to the safe, and if they crack the code, they win the keys to the hearts prize. 
President’s Pick: Can you make the right presidential pick? GPP will supply presidential customized sealed envelopes. If the contestant can pick the 2 main prize envelopes, they were born to win! This is a great opportunity to provide a consolation prize to your participant! 

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shutterstock_1195905220March Madness: Can you handle the madness? You will be allowed to invite customers to submit their bracket predictions. If they can correctly predict all 64 games, they win the grand prize! 
Luck of the Irish: This one will test your luck! Can you steal the Leprechaun’s pot of gold? GPP will provide you with a Leprechaun and a pot filled with gold! The name of the game is to guess how many pieces of gold the Leprechaun is hoarding in his pot! If the contestant can guess the exact amount gold pieces, they will win big!
Spring Fever: Do you have the fever? GPP will supply a list of 9 different flowers. The goal is to put the flowers in the correct, winning order! Once the contestant has listed their flowery guesses, they will be compared to the winning list to see if they can curb their spring fever! 

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Summer cloudscape Approach of storm clouds on an afternoon at end of June in northern IllinoisApril Showers: Will the April Showers bring May flowers? That's never a promise, but we can promise our April Showers Promotion will get your clients excited for spring time. We are here make it super easy for you to execute. here's the part where you get to be creative. You will choose a location, amount of rainfall, and date. (i.e. Hartsfield Jackson Airport, 6 inches on April 30th) If it rains then you can offer a partial or full refund on purchases during the first 2 weeks in April. The goal is to drive more revenue by giving the customer something to look forward to later in the month.
Roll a R-E-F-U-N-D: Tax season is a dreaded season among all Americans. Why not make ease the tension with roll a R-E-F-U-N-D promotion for your customers' chance to win an instant refund? This promotion is a dice roll that can be done with jumbo or regular- sized dice. We love the jumbo to make a statement! You will allow your contestant to roll the dice, and if they can correctly spell R-E-F-U-N-D, they win the cash prize!
Winning Inning: Is everyone else excited about baseball season like us? Invite your  fans to register at one of the  participating sponsor locations, online or at the ballpark. Designate a different play for each inning of your game. If the winning play occurs in the designated inning, your lucky fan goes home a Grand Prize Winner!

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Are you ready for all things green? 

Our promotions are completely customizable across different organizations. Want to see how that works? Our lucky lock/vault is the perfect example.

Lucky Leprechaun Lock: The leprechaun has locked up a vehicle on the sales floor containing his pot of gold and the only way to free it is to guess the correct code. If the contestant unlocks the car, they win the “pot of gold” which can be used towards a new vehicle purchase.

Lucky Code Call-in: Can your callers guess the leprechaun’s lucky code to win a trip to Ireland (or grand prize of your choice)? Every hour on the hour you will take the 10th caller. If they can guess the code correctly to unlock the lock, they win!

Lucky Locked Vault: The only way to get the gold from the safe is to guess the leprechaun’s lucky code! Your contestant will be allowed to input their best guess (5 to 6 digits long) into the key pad. If the safe cracks open the contestant wins the grand prize! Which can be customized to your retail business.


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Grand Prize Promotions, a division of industry leader American Hole ‘n One, has a wide range of proven promotions.