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Grand Prize Promotions (GPP) specializes in prize indemnity insurance for promotions, contests, games and more. As a division of industry leader American Hole ‘n One, GPP shares their commitment to a wide range of innovative promotions and contests, professionally trained specialists, and is underwritten by A+ rated Great American Insurance Group.

While our list of current promotions is extensive, we pride ourselves on being accessible and excited to work with our clients on any promotion or special event they envision.

At Grand Prize Promotions, if you can imagine it, we can insure it.

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Have you ever wondered how companies promote contests that offer the chance to win a big money prize?

Year after year, Grand Prize Promotions (formerly American Media and Special Promotions) provides this opportunity to thousands of companies by providing coverage for a grand prize at a fraction of the cost. We work with you to customize an innovative promotion that will exceed your fan’s and your sponsor’s expectations while still maintaining a fixed budget. After twenty plus years, we know what it takes to make our clients stand out in a crowd and we continuously work to create new and innovative promotions that keep them there. 

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By Sport

Increase ticket sales, boost sponsor revenue and drive more excitement to your event with our variety of with our sports contest insurance


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By Industry

Drive business to your showroom, brick and mortar store or even to your radio station with our industry-specific promotions designed with your customers in mind. Grand Prize Promotions, a division of industry leader American Hole ‘n One, has a wide range of proven promotions. Learn more here


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Direct Mail

Whether you are a Dealer, Retailer, Restaurant, University, Real Estate Company, Time Share, Financial Institution, Mobile Phone Provider or in any other industry using direct mail, we guarantee our promotions are cost-effective and will maximize the return on investment of your marketing dollars. Learn more here





Our sweepstakes division is fully equipped to help you achieve your marketing objectives at a competitive price. Every sweepstakes administered by GPP provides an all-inclusive, turn-key program to administer every detail to running a successful sweepstakes promotion.  Learn more here




April Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions
April Showers: Will the April Showers bring May flowers? That's never a promise, but we can promise our April Showers Promotion will get your clients excited for spring time. We are here make it super easy for you to execute. here's the part where you get to be creative. You will choose a location, amount of rainfall, and date. (i.e. Hartsfield Jackson Airport, 6 inches on April 30th) If it rains then you can offer a partial or full refund on purchases during the first 2 weeks in April.
Winning Inning: Is everyone else excited about baseball season like us? Invite your  fans to register at one of the  participating sponsor locations, online or at the ballpark. Designate a different play for each inning of your game. If the winning play occurs in the designated inning, your lucky fan goes home a Grand Prize Winner!

Take a look at ever more April Promotions by downloading our information flyer today!

May Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions

Memorial Day Sales Promotion: Plan a huge sales event during Memorial Day this year! On Memorial Day, if it rains a certain amount, all customers who made a purchase during the designated sales period will receive a partial or full refund of their purchase. A great idea for car dealerships and retail stores!
Call Mom & Win: This Mother’s Day, contestants will have the chance to win Mom BIG Cash and Prizes with the Cell Phone Number Guess. Finalists will enter in the last 4-digits of their Mom’s phone number in the vault provided. If the alarm sounds and the vault door opens, they win Mom the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift!

Need more ideas? Download our May Promotions Flyer now!

June Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions

Martini Mixer: Offer those late night party goers the chance to win BIG cash and prizes at the hottest bars and nightclubs in town! If any selected finalist can toss an Olive and have it land into the Martini glass on the fly, they win the Ultimate Summer Vacation!

School's Out For S-U-M-M-E-R: Kick off your Summer Event with this promotion idea! Any Customer that visits your store during your sales event will have the chance to win. Each finalist will attempt to roll all six winning sides of a custom set of dice to spell S-U-M-M-E-R. If they can roll the dice correctly, they win!

Download our June Promotions Flyer for more information!

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Opening Day for Baseball is the earliest in history, so someone was listening to our prayers. Get yourself ready for March 28th because it’s going to be a busy day.  We have just the one for you!

Bark in The Park: Do you love baseball and spending time with your furry friend? We are definitely in! Here's how it works: invite your fans to bring their dogs to the ball park. Place 100 numbered tennis balls in the outfield at the end of the game and allow the dogs to "fetch" a ball. If the ball matches the winning number, the lucky owner will be the winner of $10,000!

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Grand Prize Promotions, a division of industry leader American Hole ‘n One, has a wide range of proven promotions.