Boat Contests

Bring a whole new level of excitement to your next boating event with our boat contests! We have designed a number of boat contests to get your crowd excited and engaged with the chance to win big prizes.

Grand Prize Promotions provides unique boat contest ideas that draw foot traffic and generate buzz. With our boat contest insurance, you’ll have the opportunity to advertise big prizes like vacations, brand-new cars, tickets to a sporting event, an exotic trip for two, and big cash prizes! The options are endless! As your partner, we can help you plan and execute a successful boat sweepstakes and contest.

Learn more about our boat contests and contact Grand Prize Promotions to start planning your contest today!


Why Choose Grand Prize Promotions for your Boat Contests?

Grand Prize Promotions has led the prize indemnity industry for over years. We offer a wide range of industry-based promotions that are proven to draw in large crowds, increase revenue, and generate buzz.

We have a longstanding reputation for being flexible and easy to work with. From idea to execution, our professionally trained staff will guide you through the process and answer all of your questions. Best of all, we are underwritten by A+ rated Great American Insurance Group so your Grand Prize is covered -- regardless of value!

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Boat Contest Prizes

Prizes are an important factor when it comes to planning a successful boat contest. When it comes to advertising boat contest prizes, the possibilities are truly endless! When you plan your boat contest with Grand Prize Promotions, you will pay a small upfront fee and we will carry out the prize’s fulfillment should someone win the grand prize. This means you can advertise big prizes like brand-new vehicles, tickets to a big game, jewelry shopping sprees, or even a big money cash prize at no risk to you! If you can dream it -- we can insure it! There’s no limit to what you advertise for your boat contest.

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Boat Contest Ideas

Predict the Race

Who will win the race? No one ever knows, but you can get your guests excited about the boat race by having them predict the finishers. If the participant can guess the top finisher, they become a winner!

Dice Roll

This interactive contest is fun and keeps guests engaged during any boat race. Pick a winning word or phrase and have participants attempt to spell it out on the dice. If the player successfully rolls the winning word or phrase, they win!

Frisbee Toss

The great thing about our frisbee toss contest is that it can be set up in a variety of venues. In order to win, participants are challenged to toss a frisbee through a designated target. Targets come in various sizes and templates to best fit your event and venue.

Back of the Pack

Root for the underdog with our back of the pack boat contest! If the boat in the back of the pack at the start of the race speeds up and crosses the finish line first, one lucky fan in the crowd wins.

Boat Sweepstakes

We have lots of boat sweepstakes ideas that will leave your attendees in suspense throughout the entire event wondering “who will win?” For example, you can have people sign up at the beginning of the boat race with some of their basic information or ask them to post a picture with a specific hashtag and choose an individual at random.

The laws and regulations around sweepstakes are constantly changing. For this reason, it’s important to partner with an experienced sweepstakes promotion administrator like Grand Prize Promotions. With our boat sweepstakes, you can generate buzz for your event and we’ll make sure all the regulatory responsibilities for your promotional program are taken care of. Any required state fillings for your boat sweepstakes are completed quickly and accurately. Rules for your boat sweepstakes are written in compliance with federal and state regulations. 



Grand Prize Promotions, a division of industry leader American Hole ‘n One, has a wide range of proven promotions including number matches, key mailers and newspaper inserts that can be customized for your audience. Our direct mail clients tell us over and over we have increased their response rates over 300%!

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