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Have you been on the hunt for sports promotions to get people excited? Grand Prize Promotions offers Sports Contest Coverage for every sport that will unlock your event’s potential!

We have over 30 years of experience in sports contest coverage and sports promotion coverage and we know what ideas work best for your sport or arena and which ones drive the most attendance, excitement and revenue.

Have a budget? Our sports promotions are set up so that sponsors can help pay for the contest.  This way they get targeted marketing with their name on a grand prize like a vehicle, cash prize, and so much more! Not only do sports promotions boost attendance and revenue at the sporting event itself, but it also aids in driving sales for those sponsors.

Let Grand Prize Promotions assume the risk with our sports contest insurance, so you can reap all of the reward. Our team of professionally trained Promotions Specialists are available to walk you through the most comprehensive sports contest coverage program on the market. Pick up the phone today to connect with us or request a FREE quote online today! 

Sports Contest Insurance & Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions


Sports Contest Coverage allows event planners to promote huge grand prizes without the large price tag. Grand Prize Promotions has perfected the process of obtaining sports contest coverage, so it is quick and super easy! For a small fee, you will be on your way to running a successful sports contest with no legal risk but all the reward. If someone completes the sports contest successfully, we will pay for the prize, so you don’t have to!


This is a big question with a big answer! Sports contests are one of the most beneficial ways to create additional excitement around your event. Comparatively, a sports contest is one of the most affordable ways to gain more attendance. The minute someone hears about a grand prize, the news will spread like wildfire. With sports contest coverage, we will take care of all the risk behind the contest, so your event can become more profitable. You also have the opportunity for a big-name sponsor to get involved- this will not only benefit the sporting event, but it will also guarantee an increase in brand awareness for the sponsor. Definitely a win-win situation with our sports contest coverage!

Sports Contest Insurance & Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions
Sports Contest Insurance & Promotions - Grand Prize Promotions


We will provide you with authentic customer service and sports contest insurance at the most affordable prices in the industry. Give us a competitor’s written quote, and we will match it or even beat it - that’s our guarantee! We have been providing sports contest coverage for over 30 years and our contests have been fully tested and improved in order to be the best in the business. Our sports promotions and contests have been proven to boost revenue and drive sales simply by creating excitement for your fans! We provide step by step instructions on how to execute your sports contest and, if you have a question, we are only a phone call away. Our Grand Prize Sports Promotions Specialists are here to make your sporting event as successful as possible by generating buzz around your sports contest!


We can guarantee you will receive the same exclusive benefits every time you book your sports contest coverage with us. Our goal is to have the consistency that makes booking with us super easy. We pride ourselves on being completely accessible and flexible with our sports contest coverage to meet the needs of your event. Our custom sport contest coverage packages include premium signs, printed in-house, that can be modified for your specific event and brand. They include:

• Custom Banner
• Custom Registration Sign
• Sample rules and regulations
• Event execution checklist
• Prize Fulfillment
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Everyone wants the most bang for their buck- that’s why we offer a price match guarantee! Let us match the competitor’s price or even beat them. Not only will you receive better customer service, but you are receiving quality signage that you can use in the future. So, let GPP make your sporting event as memorable as possible by providing sports contest coverage that is sure to boost all aspects of your event. Our Grand Prize Sports Promotions Specialists are standing by. Call us at 855.828.3107 or fill out our form to receive an online quote today!

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