New Year, New Promotions!

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Nov 30, 2018 1:07:47 PM

The title says it all! The new year gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start. George Bernard Shaw said it best when he said, “Don’t wait for the right opportunity; create it!” That’s exactly what weve done for you. We have created and designed promotions to help kick-start sales and gain awareness around your brand. You may recognize some of the promotions, but we have added a holiday twist to a few of them: 

January Promotions 

  • Rolling into the New Year: Happy New Year! Can your contestant roll their luck into the new year? GPP will provide customized dice (jumbo or regular). If the contestant can roll the dice and reveal 2-0-1-9, they walk away a winner! 
  • (WIN)ter Wonderland: Contestants will have the chance to be a Money Bag Millionaire! All they need to do is scratch off six of the winning symbols to win the featured Grand Prize! The exciting part about this promotion is that every card could have a potential winner! 
  • Superbowl Surprise: Who’s going to surprise you with a big play? The rules are as follows: One of the Superbowl teams will be selected for the promotion. If they return their opening half kickoff for a touchdown, you have a winner! We also offer other plays that you can insure for a prize as well! 

February Promotions

  • Cupid’s Sweethearts: Love is in the air during February, and Cupid is taking care of all his sweethearts. Contestants will be mailed a Valentine’s Day heart with a number printed on it. If your number matches the number at the sponsoring company, then ding ding ding, you have a winner! 
  • Keys to my Heart: Do you have the key to my heart? GPP will supply a plexiglass safe filled with candy hearts and locked with a keypad. The contestant will take their best guess at the code to the safe, and if they crack the code, they win the keys to the hearts prize. 
  • President’s Pick: Can you make the right presidential pick? GPP will supply presidential customized sealed envelopes. If the contestant can pick the 2 main prize envelopes, they were born to win! This is a great opportunity to provide a consolation prize to your participant! 

March Promotions

  • March Madness: Can you handle the madness? You will be allowed to invite customers to submit their bracket predictions. If they can correctly predict 60+ games, they win the grand prize!  
  • Luck of the Irish: This one will test your luck! Can you steal the Leprechaun’s pot of gold? GPP will provide you with a Leprechaun and a pot filled with gold! The name of the game is to guess how many pieces of gold the Leprechaun is hoarding in his pot! If the contestant can guess the exact amount gold pieces, they will win big! 
  • Spring Fever: Do you have the fever? GPP will supply a list of 9 different flowers. The goal is to put the flowers in the correct, winning order! Once the contestant has listed their flowery guesses, they will be compared to the winning list to see if they can curb their spring fever! 

We are ready to get these awesome promotions on the ball and rolling into the new year for you. Now is the time to get people and customers engaging with you and your associates so they choose you and your services in the future! And the best part about these promotions you ask? We can customize them even further to meet your needs!

Whether that be the main prize or how you want to choose your contestants. If you don’t see a promotion you love, our representatives can walk you through other options that will fit the bill for you and your company. Our representatives want to help you organize your promotion, so it can be the best it can be. If you can dream it, we can do it!  

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