Promote Your Football Event With These 5 Contests

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Sep 20, 2021 9:00:00 AM

We are starting to get that bit of 'fall in the air,' and that only means one thing. The long hot summer is coming to an end and football season is underway! Man caves are being refurbished, Saturday and Sunday schedules are being cleared, and the latest' tailgating food ideas' are trending!

As the season begins, let's turn our thoughts towards some promotional fun. This year, as that 'game of the year,' or as your favorite rivalry game approaches, think about how you can promote your football event with an eye-catching contest from Grand Prize Promotions! They allow your team to promote 'the' football contest of the year with their winning Grand Prize coverage. So go ahead and have fun with your football contest ideas, and if you have a big winner, let Grand Prize Promotions facilitate that win!

In this post, let's take a look at 5 different contests centered around football, fun, and a chance to win a grand prize worthy of the Heisman Trophy!

1. A 'Kick-off' To Remember!

'Kick-off' the fun before the game or during halftime! Tee up the football and either see who can kick the ball into a shopping cart or the back of a truck on a field and see who can hit that target. One good kick could win the prize of a lifetime!

2. The Grand Prize Winning Kick Return!

As your fan base begins to arrive at your event, give them the opportunity for a chance to win a prize. During the game, they have the chance to win based on a designated kick return, random touchdowns, or a 50+ field goal in a game. If the specified event occurs, they win a prize!

3. The Grand Prize Winning Score Prediction

Get your crowd to enter what they feel the final score will be on slips of paper with their name. If they guess the final score, they win the prize. Let them know in advance that if two or more people guess the winning score, there will be a single name drawn from a hat to win the Grand prize!

4. Punt, Pass, and Kick Your Way to The Grand Prize!

You will need somewhat of a field and an actual goal post for this football contest. 

Have the candidates start at the farthest point from the goal post to begin. They will first punt the ball as far as they can. From that point, they will pass the ball as far as they can. Then for the Grand Prize, they will have a chance to kick a field goal from that point for the Grand Prize!

5. Quarterback Stats for The Grand Prize

You don't have to be athletically inclined to win this promotion! Allow your gridiron gang the opportunity to guess the final stats of a game. The person that is 'spot on' with the numbers wins The Grand Prize! This could be for all stats across the board, such as Pass Attempts/Yards, Quarterback Rushing Yards, or Number of Touchdown Passes during the game!

The Name of The Game is FUN!

Football fans across the country are going to be excited just to get another season underway. Add to that excitement by having a football contest for the big rivalry game, or even a season-long promotion!

Then just sit back and enjoy the results of your winning promotion by putting the ball in the hands of the team from Grand Prize Promotions. They have a starting lineup that is sure to produce the results you are after for your specific football event. A Grand Prize that is backed by Grand Prize Promotions 

Coverage gives your football event all the ingredients for a win-win on both sides of the ball!

Why not give the Team at Grand Prize Promotions the opportunity to run with your next football event! Either give them a call, or go by their website and tee up your football event for big fun and big results!

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