The 5 Stages of Working from Home

Posted by Melissa Rogers on Aug 24, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Whether your work situation has recently changed, or you’ve worked from home for many yearswe are here to share the 5 stages of working from home that we’ve all gone through. If you haven’t yet, at least you’ll know what’s coming.  

All on-site jobs have their ups and downs but working from home comes with some unique highs and lows. You’re either about to relate hardcore or take notes for what’s to come.  

When someone chooses to work from home, they’re generally excited. However, if you’ve been told to work from home or must because the kids are sickyou might have mixed feelings. 

Either way, please feel free to share with your friends and family, the 5 Stages of Working from Home: 

Stage 1: New Kind of Motivation 

At first, you might experience sighs of relief, new morning routines, or screaming children. That’s right, we’re talking about those brand-new adjustments you’ll have to make to become a home-based employeeYou might be tempted to have a morning yoga or stretch session, coffee on the balcony, or scratch the morning routine all together. You do you. 

Your pajamas will become your new best friend for two reasons: 1) you can wear them all day if you choose to, and 2) because your social interaction has been limited to zero, you now spend all your time in your favorite pajamas with your favorite coffee mug.  

Whatever it is, you have a new-found sense of motivation, and it will definitely last. 


Just pretend Draymond Green is giving you a pep talk. 


Stage 2: Distractions, Distractions Everywhere! 

Then, there’s that moment when you realize the TV is 15 feet away, snacks are just around the corner, and the internet and an entire library of music are at your fingertips. Don’t forget about the pets begging for your attention and maybe a toddler or two, also. 

You have to fight for what you want. That’s what they say. Staying disciplined might seem easy coming into this situation but applying that mentality and rigor can be quite difficult.  

We invite you to find a quiet workspace, take frequent physical and mental breaks, and establish short-term and long-term goals. 

And that definitely includes putting your phone away!  



Stage 3: Let’s Get Serious 

You’ve redirected yourself from everything that was calling your attention away from your workYou have set a schedule for yourself and established an effective workspace. Now, you’re sitting down, getting serious, and putting a dent in your tasks for the day.  


You can do it! You’re DOING it!  

Working from home doesn’t mean you are lounging around and just working when you feel like it. Unless you are self-employed or a freelancer, you typically have an 8-5 work schedule.

Structure is your NEW best friend. Make some room, pajamas.

This isn't so bad, bring it on! 



Stage 4Social Isolation Sets In – I hope that pigeon sits on my window seal today. 

Basically, you are feeling so socially isolated that even the small (and strange) things can make your whole day. If a visit from a pigeon is the only thing you look forward to, we suggest going for a walk, eating out for lunch during the week, or meeting up friends or relatives 


Stage 5When Does It End? 

There will come a time when you’re overwhelmingly ready to be back in an office space. If you’ve worked from home for years, then you have at least entertained the idea. If working from home is new to you and you’re used to working in an office, then this feeling will probably come sooner rather than later. 


Keep your head up and recognize all the positives and experiences you’ve gained along the way. Keep pushing forward to thrive as a home-based worker or acknowledge that working from home just isn’t your thing. 

Either way, by the time you reach the end of your journey on the 5 Stages of Working from Home, you’ll have found your place in the working world. 

Have more to share? Comment below to tell us your experiences or daily routine for making it through the day as a home-based employee! We love hearing from you all, so share this blog on your social and keep the conversation going! 

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