Why You Need The Grand Prize for Your Sweepstake Promotion

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Feb 2, 2022 9:59:34 AM

To launch sweepstakes, contests, or games requires a lot of work from everyone involved. Some businesses take the liberty of carrying out the research, risk alone, and getting the job done. However, this is not always the right route to take

To ensure your business is popular among your prospects, it's best to go out there and ensure just that. Offline marketing remains an essential aspect for businesses to close deals and generate more revenue. One way to do this is by offering to prioritize giveaways that will create a wealth of opportunities to promote your business brand.

We've revealed the various ways a Grand Prize Event can enable you to achieve the success you want in your next sweepstake promotion.

Is Paperwork Required?

At Grand Prize, we help our clients with a suite of services such as writing rules, selecting winners, building websites, executing any required affidavits or liability releases, and fulfilling prizes. We also help audit the trail for every service you need during the promotion and ensure winners receive their rewards with the correct IRS paperwork.  

Work With Someone Who Understands the Law

A key benefit of hiring experts in this field is that they'll help you navigate various promotional laws set forth by the state or federal laws. You will take all the steps you need to avoid legal trouble with government agencies.

Even though it feels easy to check on the internet to search for the general promotional laws, you'll need an expert to guide you through the particulars. You will also find recommendations for various potential legal issues that can land you in bad situations.

Furthermore, this will not just stop with the promotional laws. Various social networks and online promotional platforms have unique rules that you use to advertise sweepstakes. Our experts will help you make promotional complaints on whatever platform you choose.


Get Your Strategy Right

The way to succeed in your sweepstakes promotions is to get your strategy right from the word go. First, you will need to get accurate answers to a series of questions. These include the type of promotions to run, the timing, eligibility, the variety of prizes to offer, and how your consumers will enter. 

The details will help you determine the laws you need to adhere to during and after the launch. Some of these requirements may be straightforward, but you'll need advice to make the right choices and understand the ins and outs of promotional law.

Enjoy Indemnification

The indemnification is another critical perk that you will relish when hiring Grand Prize to help administer your giveaway. The indemnification services will ensure you are not answerable for your mistakes during the process and if any legal issues arise.

When mistakes occur in your promotional event, the expense you may incur can cripple your operations as winners may win more than you accounted for. You need someone to cover such expenses and ensure that your event goes without errors. 

Defuse Customer Service Issues

There is nothing worse that can happen at a promotional event other than tricky customer situations. It is common for consumers to complain about anything leading to disruption of your event. We can help diffuse the problem and provide an action plan to ensure such doesn't occur.

Our knowledge of promotional law and best practices to boost marketing will help your brand stand out unscathed and in good light.

Ready to Work With a Grand Prize

You can stand out in your promotions and show off beyond your competition with these services. Be the real expert with a vibrant marketing strategy that will boost your sales, reputation, and brand awareness. Contact us now to get started.

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