4 March Madness Promotions You Don't Want to Miss

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Mar 7, 2022 9:11:00 AM

March is upon us, which can only mean one thing, March Madness! Every year, over 10 million viewers tune in to watch the NCAA men's basketball teams duke it out to determine who can claim the title of NCAA Champions. With so many viewers avidly following the tournament, it is an excellent time for companies to market their products. They do so through advertising and enticing promotions. From food to free cars, here are a few of the best promotions for March Madness 2022.


As both the official burger and the official breakfast of March Madness, Wendy's is celebrating with some fantastic promotions! If you are a breakfast lover or making up for a late night, you will love this tournament's breakfast deals. Wendy's is offering half off their breakfasts when ordered mobile through the app. 

If breakfast isn't your thing, Wendy's has stellar deals to satisfy your craving through the rest of the day. Dave's single hamburgers are one dollar. Even better, the Classic Chicken Sandwich is BOGO for a dollar! 

If none of the standard promotions are what you desire, all orders are eligible for three dollars off anything $15 or more. Plus, Wendy's is offering free delivery, so you won't have to miss a minute of the action.


Nissan is celebrating March Madness by focusing on their line-up consisting of six cutting-edge models, including the new all-electric ARIYA and the Z. Along with advertising, the automaker is offering some exciting promotions.

If you fill out brackets for the NCAA men's and women's tournaments, you will be entered into a drawing for some exciting prizes. The prizes include a brand new Nissan Frontier, a Pop-a-Shot, and tickets to next year's Final Four. 


Coca-Cola is celebrating its NCAA Tournament sponsorship with the Powerade Sweepstakes. You can enter the sweepstakes online or any participating retailer using their QR code. The prizes range from Visa gift cards to a Powerade bundle, including a fleece, tumbler, headphones, and a can cooler.

Buffalo Wild Wings

If you love wings and want an excellent place to watch your favorite NCAA team, Buffalo Wild Wings could be the perfect spot for you. Buffalo Wild Wings is proudly March Madness's Official Chicken Wing, and to celebrate, they are giving away free wings!

Buffalo Wild Wings will give you six free boneless chicken wings for any March Madness game that goes into overtime. To qualify, you first must join their rewards program "Blazin' Rewards" and download the app. Then you check-in to a Buffalo Wild Wings location or place an order online within 30 minutes before the start of the game. If that game goes into overtime, you win a coupon for the free wings, which is good through May 4, 2022.


If you have to run errands or commute to work, Buick is helping you not miss a moment of March Madness. The Buick NCAA March Madness In-Vehicle App gives you live game coverage and highlights throughout the tournament.

Buick is also giving away prizes in their Giving Away Greatness Challenge. You predict the games, and the more you get right, the more you win.

March Madness is an exciting time for sports fans and university alum. It is a time to get "mad" about college basketball and watch incredible amateur talent. While you are taking in the action, it is also a fantastic time to take advantage of exciting deals and sweepstakes. Whether you are craving Wendy's or hoping to win prizes, there is a March Madness promotion for you.  For even more exciting promotions and deals, contact us today!

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