4 Popular Soccer Promotions and Contests

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Jul 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Soccer matches are known for the fun contests held for fans before the game begins and between the two 45-minute halves. With the sport having notoriously riotous crowds, the energy, camaraderie, and love for the game carries over to supporting those fans chosen to test their skill, luck, and speed at one of a variety of soccer contests.

Popular Soccer Game Promotions, Contests, and Giveaways

Soccer promotions are a fantastic addition to any match. Here are four examples of different soccer giveaways and skill-based soccer contests you might consider hosting at your own matches.

1. Penalty Kick Competition

Each contestant takes a turn shooting at the goal from midfield. Some promotions have contestants facing off against a goalie, while others move them back to midfield and place a few stationary objects, like trash cans, in front of the goal to make the shot more difficult. 

If there is more than one player in this soccer promotion, then they can take turns shooting until the first one misses or until one of them scores five goals. Especially fun is to give each contestant different colored balls, and have them shoot as many as they can within a time limit. The person with the most soccer balls of their color in the goal after time runs out wins.

2. Limbo Soccer Contest

For young spectators, there is probably no better soccer contest than limbo soccer. Line up your kids and have them try to dribble a ball while walking under a horizontal bar without touching it. Demarcate a small area around the limbo bar -- if the ball leaves it, or the bar is touched, the player is eliminated. 

The last one standing wins! This contest is easy to set up, cheap to organize, and loads of fun for everyone involved; however, it is probably better for small promotional giveaways than for grand prize pools. If you're looking for something that will get your audience laughing, give this soccer promotion a try at halftime or during another break in play. The kids always wind up tripping over each other and rolling around for everyone's enjoyment.

3. Hit the Crossbar Contest

Contestants are given soccer balls and set up for a penalty kick from about 20 yards away (or from midfield to make it harder for bigger prizes!). They then kick the ball and try to bounce it off of the goal's crossbar. If they hit it, they win! This is another easy promotion that can be set up in seconds, making it perfect for a quick break in play, such as between extra-time periods. 

What makes this contest so great is that it is very easy to tell when the crossbar has been hit, and so big prizes can be attached to it without needing to worry about debates over whether it did or did not hit the bar.

4. Fan Competitions

These can be done with soccer-related material, such as having a soccer trivia competition to see who knows the most about the game or local and national teams. Prizes for this type of contest are usually donated by sponsors and there is no need to worry about raising money or spending cash on something that won't pay off in terms of making your team's fans happier.

Best of all, these kinds of competitions can take place via flyers distributed to fans in the stand, branded with sponsors' materials. 

Fans receive one when entering the stadium and then must turn it in before halftime. By the end of the game, when all the scores are tallied, the winners are announced and the players can collect their prizes!

If you've been thinking about hosting a contest or giveaway at your next match, contact us, especially if you've been thinking of going big and giving your fans a contest they'll never forget.

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