6 Ways Giveaways and Grand Prize Coverage Can Benefit Events

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Jun 28, 2021 10:48:57 AM

Everyone loves the chance to win a prize, especially a chance to win a grand prize. A grand prize helps build excitement and participation whenever raising money to benefit a charitable organization or putting together a community event. The best thing is there is indemnity coverage that allows you to think big!

1. Grand Prizes Increase Attendance to Meet Goals 

Many community and charitable events become annual gatherings. Every year, the goal is to beat the prior year's attendance. Of course, for fundraising events, the main goal is to surpass last year's profit to go towards the mission. 

Every year, adding new excitement is one way to attract more participation that will help meet the new goals. Maybe the prior year's grand prize was a success, and it was the talk of the event. There is nothing wrong with repeating those attractions that prove to be successful. But, there is always room to add a new exciting prize, giving more people the chance to go home big winners.

2. Bigger Prizes at Smaller Costs is a Great Way to Increase Participation

It's not hard to understand that anyone would love the chance at a big prize without having to hand over a lot of money. Don't price the grand prize out of the market. You need as many people to participate as possible. Giving more people the chance to walk away big winners will increase the participant numbers.

3. Grand Prizes Lead to Networking and Relationship Building

A community event is a great way to gather people together. Organizing an event requires group participation, ultimately strengthening community relationships, and opening networking opportunities. Reaching out to businesses in your community is one way to offer attractive grand prizes and build meaningful community relations. 

4. Event Competition is Always Exciting with a Grand Prize Waiting

Golfing events are always more exciting when there is a big prize for a hole in one. Half-court shooting contests will draw out those "splash" attempts from the old and young basketball fanatics. Charitable events raise more money when there is a grand prize announcement for the winning ticket. The bigger the prize, the more participants will be ready to compete for the win.  

5. Advertising the Grand Prize is Excellent for Brand Exposure 

For an event to be successful, you need to promote it. Put your prizes to work by using them in your promotion. Build the excitement using The Grand Prize!

Charitable organizations need extensive exposure to build donors and volunteers. A fundraising event is one of the best ways to get a mission out to the community. You will always have those donors and volunteers who have a personal connection to an organization's mission. But to get the public's attention, exciting prizes can entice others to join in and help reach mission goals.

6. Prize Indemnity Coverage Turns an Event into a Memorable Experience

Whether you're piloting a new event or you're planning your next annual fundraiser, Grand Prize Promotions (GPP) will help you pull off the bash of the year that people will remember. We are the prize coverage leader, providing an exciting range of promotions to help event planners build the thrilling anticipation to attract the participation numbers to hit or surpass the goal.

With GPP coverage, you can confidently plan for prizes that will attract attention. And, you can eagerly promote your event, knowing the expense will not drain your funds you're hoping to raise for the cause. GPP coverage gives you the peace of mind to plan the best event of the year. We're here to help you create grand prize suspense.

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