Contest Ideas and Prizes for Your Next Powersport Event

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Aug 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM

With the introduction of the X-Games to the wide world of motorsport, the Powersport genre has found firm footing on a global scale. And, as more Powersport competitions have grown in popularity, it seems that there is a category of Powersport for every age and classification for enthusiasts from the casual participant to those that have gained the title of professional. It is a safe bet on how long this brand of motorsport competition intends on hanging around!

With all the Powersport competitions comes the massive number of spectators paying top-dollar to attend these events in person or 'live' as it were. Let's take a closer look into the world of Powersport contest ideas and prizes for those looking to increase the number of attendees at their next Powersporting event.

What Exactly is Powersports?

Wikipedia defines Powersport as;

Powersports are a subset of the generalized category motorsports. Examples of powersport vehicles are motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and PWCs. One of the defining features of any powersport is the use of an engine, in one form or another. Other defining features of powersport vehicles include the use of handlebars to control movement and the mounting of the rider "on" the machine, exposed to the elements. Powersports have always had a following as spectator sports, and with the introduction of the X-Games, even the most extreme, fringe varieties have become commonly known. Powersports are the most common vehicles in the X-games.

If you have ever watched an X-game competition, you already know that X-game events are anything but subtle. X-game events are known to be extreme, and the type of patrons that are drawn to these events tend to have a thirst or a flair for the extreme. 

So, why not appeal to those extremes when promoting your next Powersport contest with some cutting-edge contest ideas and prizes? Some of the most popular contest ideas and prizes are;

  • A Million Dollar Hole in One Contest
  • Cash Prizes, TV's, and Vacations for picking the winner of the Powersport contest
  • Brand New Cars Won With a Single Roll of The Dice

And many, many more!

Grand Prize Promotions Can Make it Happen!

Would you like to have the ability to post prizes like those listed above for your next Powersport contest? Sure, anybody would love to be able to advertise a 'Million Dollar Give Away!' But where in the world are you going to get a million dollars, an exotic car, the biggest flat-screen TV made, or a month-long cruise to paradise?

You can have the ability to advertise these types of giveaways and never have to worry about where the prize is going to come from! This is the kind of promotional ability that you can have with Powersport prizes backed by Grand Prize Promotions!

Grand Prize Promotions puts the power in Powersport promotions! When your Grand Prize is backed by Grand Prize Promotions you do not have to worry about covering the cost of that prize. Imagine posting a million-dollar grand prize, and there be no hesitation whatsoever in posting flyers, posters, and web pages promoting such a grand gesture!

For a small fee, Grand Prize Promotions can guarantee your prize, be it cash, merchandise, or exotic vacations! Grand Prize Promotions is the leader in grand prize indemnity coverage with over 30 years of promotional prize issuing experience.

There is a certain type of person that will be hell-bent on attending these 'extreme events' with those 'extreme prizes!' All it takes to get that type of grand prize promotion is by contacting the 'extreme team' from Grand Prize Promotions, and then you will see just how easy it is to be able to offer these types of prestigious prizes at your next Powersport competition!

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