The 6 Craziest Sports Promotions We’ve Ever Seen

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Jun 6, 2022 9:30:00 AM

Teams can play all the tricks in the book to lure spectators to their stadiums. Many teams have perfected the art of promotional entertainment and come up with creative ideas that, in many ways, border on crazy. Let's look at some of the craziest promotions that have ever graced sports history.


1. The Speed-Dating Night

It is common for the Lowell Spinners to host Milan Lucic's celebrated 'Rock & Jock' softball. However, in 2012, he decided to make changes to the plan. On August 15, his teammate at Bruins, Tyler Seguin, would be the focus of the show. To this end, he offered a private suite with Tyler and allowed fans to ask him anything, including about his love life. The speed dating night became the most talked about night in the competition's history.

2. The Flash-card Night

In 1989, Steven 'Dreams' Weaver became a gaming icon when Portland was having its season opener. During the day, 1,500 fans got flashcards as they entered the stadium. All they were required to do was vote a pass or a run on the Vikings' downs second series when it came to the third quarter. Interestingly, they voted a pass and then a run!

3. 'Unappreciation' Night for Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens left the stage at the 2006 Super Bowl in style, thanks to Greg Lynch of the Atlantic City Surfs. Anyone that bought Terrell Owens merchandise got two upper box tickets, and 40 suite tickets went to the fans that gave the best reason for hating the player. In addition, most of the merchandise bought was burned on the field after the game. It was an epic exit!

4. Pregnant 'Bellies and Baseball' Night

Just before the sixth inning of the Brooklyn Cyclones game, an announcement came over the PA asking any fan who was ready to have a baby to get to the information booth. Several women stepped forward and received various gifts for being in the stadium. A lifetime season ticket was offered to the lady that would go into labor at KeySpan Park during the game.

5. A Night of Second Chances

In 2007, the Grizzlies gave fans a chance to redeem themselves from their mistakes on the road at Chukchansi Park. Dubbed 'Second Chance Night,' the team paid tribute to memorable mistakes they made on the field. In the same breath, they rewarded any fan that brought in a traffic violation by allowing them to purchase two Field Level Reserve tickets at the cost of one.

The fans were also to sign a note pledging not to repeat the mistake. Probation officers were also called in to provide second chances to violators.

6. Jay Buhner Leads the Cut Night

Jay Buhner led the Mariners in the 90s before retiring from active sports. However, the Mariners brought him back on a special mission; to cut people's hair at a selected Annual Mariners game. Over the course of the night, Buhner shaved the heads of hundreds of his fans. 

Fans that either had a haircut on the field or came to the game bald earned a free shirt and free admission.  

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