Why You Need Grand Prize Coverage At Your Next Bar Event

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Sep 21, 2020 2:47:16 PM

Organizing an event at your bar can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Between juggling the event planning and promotion, you might be wondering how you'll entice people to show up and join in on the festivities. Offering a big grand prize competition is a great way to bring in crowds, and here’s how you can make sure you're covered and safe in the event of a winner.


The Lure of the Grand Prize

The marketing materials for your event will probably center around the time, the place, the theme, festivities, and the centerpiece grand prize. These are the details that will draw in the big  crowds. Regulars will bring their friends, their friends will bring friends, and you’ll be able to reach customers who may have never visited in the past. 

Everybody loves a party and everybody loves a friendly competition, giveaway, or prize drawing. So, why wouldn’t you want a showstopping prize at your next event? 

What is Grand Prize Coverage?

Grand prize coverage works the way you probably think it does. You pay into a policy and, should someone at one of your events win a grand prize, you won’t have to shoulder the entire burden of paying for it. This allows you to throw a spectacular event without biting your nails during the prize portion. 

Promoting Your Event

Obviously, if you want big crowds you need to do some promoting in your community. This can be anything from hanging signs and posters to giving out flyers on the street to spread the word. 

You’ll probably be surprised just how much marketing is available to you without paying a lot of money.

For more information on grand prize coverage and to learn how we can help you with your next event, contact us today!

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