Top 5 Promotional Events to Consider This Spring

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Apr 18, 2022 10:28:00 AM

Many businesses do not think of springtime as a major shopping season, since many people prefer to spend their time outside enjoying the weather. However, this period inspires unique shopping trends, with people being engaged in varying activities, from spring cleaning to prom. While spring promotion initiatives do not have to be as time-consuming or hectic as winter holiday preparation, your brand could certainly benefit from introducing a fun and casual promotional initiative this season. 

This is also a fantastic opportunity to prepare for the rest of the year. So with that being said, what are the greatest spring promo events to showcase your brand and ensure you have a successful start to the year? We've listed out a few options that could work for your brand.

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Earth Day's Environmental Sustainability Events

Use this year's Earth Day, April 22nd, to compel a community-wide mindset of ecological consciousness. Nowadays, most companies are encouraged to develop a corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan, specifically to combat prevalent environmental concerns. Hosting an "Earth Day" event could prove to be very beneficial for organizations looking to grow within their community.

Your organization can coordinate a community cleanup, plant some trees, or have a temporary kiosk providing recyclable promotional items. Such events have a good impact on the community in which your business operates and can help your business earn a positive reputation with your customer base.

Outdoor Events

Even in Florida, most of the winter season is spent indoors, staying warm and spending quality time with family over the holidays. Now that spring is here, many of us are excited to enjoy the beautiful weather by engaging in outdoor activities. To capitalize on this, consider holding more outdoor promotional events and making use of outdoor activities hosted by third parties. Hold a neighborhood sidewalk or yard sale and sell or give away your promotional merchandise.

Besides this, consider contacting the directors and organizers of musical performances, sporting events, and other outdoor pursuits to negotiate for a podium or booth on the grounds. Give out promotional items that can be used during outdoor picnics and activities such as insulated cups or thermoses to prepare for the countless picnics your customer base is likely to host.

Social Media Contests

Using social media to promote bargains, specials, discounts, or promos is an effective marketing strategy. However, holding a contest can be an even better option. It stimulates audience awareness and involvement, boosting your social media exposure and increasing your brand's awareness. For instance, on Twitter, you could award a prize for the most retweets on your brand-related topic. Use social media to offer rewards and promote your company's trademark in any way you can.

Special Days, Holidays, and Festivals

There are several festivities, special days, and holidays that businesses can leverage throughout spring. Barbecue Day is a wonderful target since it incorporates outdoor selling, with friends and families congregating around grilled meats with cold drinks. Here, promotional products, including BBQ equipment for grilling, coolers for cold drinks, as well as aprons for the organizers, are some of the ideal promotional items. Another day to give out themed gift cards and other rewards is Mother's Day. 

Spring Break

Your promotional strategy must be able to gain traction throughout the week of Spring Break. This is the time to connect with the younger population, since schoolchildren and college students have more leisure time to pursue personal interests and go on trips with their peers. You can market your business to beach-goers and picnickers by handing out or offering logo-imprinted outdoor fun stuff, matting, and eyewear at a stall dedicated to the Spring Break audience solely.

You could also put up booths at open hubs such as malls, retailing or giving away technological goods and tote carrier bags, which are popular with young people.

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