Viral Prizes Given Away at Sporting Events

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Feb 22, 2021 12:40:07 PM

Everyone who has been to a live sporting event has seen the games and contests held between quarters, at halftime, or between innings. A half-court shot, home run derby, hitting a sign in the outfield, or a foot race around the field. No matter what it is, it’s great fun to cheer on your fellow fans as they compete for the prize. 


There’s been some amazing promotions and contests through the years, here are some of the biggest most lucrative of all time:

Hitting the Sign in the Outfield

This has become a classic promotion at Major League Baseball games across the country. If you’ve been to the ballpark in the last few years you might’ve seen a full-sized car sitting on a pedestal somewhere in the outfield accompanied by a sign or banner that says “Hit this sign. Win a car.”

For one lucky Reds fan, this became a reality when outfielder Jesse Winker ‘almost’ hit the Toyota sign in center field, missing by mere inches. Luckily for the fan, the Reds and Toyota were nice enough to give it to him anyway.

Half-Court Shot for Free Tuition and Cash Prizes

Another staple of sports contests, the half-court shot is always a crowd pleaser, but nobody is more pleased than those who win.

At many colleges across the country, freshman orientation also means a chance to win full tuition if a lucky student can knock down a half-court shot. There’s been many winners and many viral videos to show for it.

At pro venues fans will participate in the chance to win thousands of dollars. One such instance was a Lakers fan in January 2020. The fan made his shot after the third quarter during a break in the game and he won $100,000.

Of course, all these sporting events that offer large grand prizes would not be able to do so without coverage. Prize indemnity insurance not only allows promotions to offer special prizes, but it also protects the winners. 

Grand Prize Promotions understands that high-value awards are a great tool for marketing your event. We assume the risks for promotions of any size and a variety of sports. Contact us today to get started.

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