What are the Odds of Hitting a Half-Court Shot?

Posted by Kelly Grindle on May 10, 2021 9:15:00 AM

It’s always a fan-favorite and a great spectacle when players or fans manage to hit a coveted half-court shot. Whether it’s for 3 points or big prizes, it’s always a tough shot, but we’re left wondering just how tough is it?


Calculating the Shot for the Grand Prize

Basketball players have an obvious advantage over any fan who attempts a half-court shot.

Some players even have more than one half court shot in the history books and even a world record shot from 86 feet out and players like Stephen Curry have made making these shots into a habit

For the average person, a half court may seem like a one in a million chance, but there’s actually a lot that goes into a successful half court shot.

The Aim, Strength, and Technique of the Shot

Anyone with a strong arm and a good aim has the potential to make the half court shot, especially if they have a bit of basketball experience. Without ever shooting a ball, a person may not know how to estimate the force behind the release. Too much power can cause the ball to bounce off the backboard and back across the rim for a disappointing effort, not enough and you risk a dreaded ‘airball’.

While a taller shooter may not need to worry about the height of the rim, a shorter person will need to concentrate on getting the ball high enough into the air to travel far enough before dropping into the net or hitting that square sweet spot.

Some people may even be learning and practicing for that special moment when all eyes are on them. Whether it's a clean swoosh into the net or a firm bump off the marked-off square, it's not hard to imagine the possibility of the next person making the half-court shot. If you’ve got a half-court shot coming up, there’s no better way to prep than to practice in order to build muscle memory and get used to every aspect of this long-distance shot. 

Don't Let a Grand Prize Payout Take Away Your Event's Returns

If you're looking to add some excitement to an upcoming event, advertising a grand prize promotion may be just the attraction you need. 

You may be nervous about such a large prize, but don’t let that hold you back from adding in an exciting competition because there is a solution for covering the grand prize expense and protecting yourself if someone hits that half-court shot.

Promote Excitement and Enjoy Your Event with Indemnity Prize Coverage

That's where Grand Prize Promotions (GPP) comes into play. It is our mission to help customers add innovative promotions and contests without the risk of having to pay out the money. When you partner with us for prize indemnity coverage, you get the peace of mind to know the cost of your prize is not going to take away from your event's purpose. 

More Benefits that Comes with the Coverage with Grand Prize Promotions 

You can excitedly promote your grand prize promotion, knowing that if someone wins, your payout is our responsibility. And that is not all you get from our coverage.

  • You can enjoy your patrons and the excitement of a grand prize promotion.
  • You can get more exposure to your brand by promoting the chance for a grand prize.
  • Our system collects the data that can help your build a valuable database.
  • You get the opportunity to capture new relationships for future events.
  • A grand prize opportunity may increase event attendance. 
  • We offer multiple contest coverage packages.

Once we understand the prize and how you wish to promote your half court shot contest, we have the data to do the calculations to know what your cost will be to cover your grand prize promotion. 

  • Entry Form Completion for Eligibility
  • Any Contestant Limitations (Age, Only Local Residents, etc.)
  • Entry Exclusions
  • Entry Period
  • Number of Shot Attempts

The team at Grand Prize Promotions is here to answer all your questions, and we're excited to help you make your next event the talk of the town with a grand prize that you will enjoy handing out if there is a lucky winner. 

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