4 Tips for Promoting Your Grand Prize Offer

Posted by Kelly Grindle on Mar 21, 2022 9:52:00 AM

The best way to get your business known is advertising it either offline or online, and one of the best advertising strategies is holding a grand prize giveaway event. This event will help boost the visibility of your company and increase sales. However, you will have to advertise and promote the grand prize event to be successful. Promoting it will help direct traffic and participation towards your giveaway event.

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You can promote the event yourself or contact a company to help. The perks of hiring a company is that you get a wide range of innovative promotions as well as promotion insurance, so you can sit back and have fun. If you choose to do the promotion yourself, below are tips that can help make the grand prize a success.

Utilize All Social Media Platforms

The power of social media cannot be underrated. Social media has successfully united the world, making it a global village. As such, it is instrumental in promoting your grand prize event. Placing ads about the grand prize event can help reach a bigger audience. You can also publish the grand prize giveaway promotion on your landing page, so people seeking to participate can also get a look at your products and services. Ensure you include the steps of joining the giveaway to make it easier for people to participate. You can use the following social media pages:

  • Instagram
  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
  • YouTube
  • Email newsletters

Ensure the Grand Prize Complements Your Brand

When it comes to the grand prize, you want to choose quality over quantity. Additionally, you want the prize you choose to attract your target audience and showcase your service and product. As such, you should consider making your product or service the grand prize.

The perk of making your product/service the grand prize is that people will stick around even after the giveaway event. However, if your giveaway entails things like an iPad or a house, people who were only after winning the prize might unfollow or unsubscribe to your business after. This is because their only interest was in the named prize and not on your services. Additionally, when users win a price related to your business, they are likely to share your business with others, bringing more returns.

Pair the Grand Prize Giveaway with a National Event or Holiday

Seasonally timed prizes are a perfect way to tie in a promotional theme. For example, in February, you can give a dinner-for-two gift card, an oven around thanksgiving, or tickets to an upcoming game. The goal here is to think like your fans, then help them solve their holiday challenges using your products or services. Using well-known festive events or holidays as a complement to your chosen prize enables you to be more creative with promotion methods and gets more people to participate.

Consider Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Remember, the goal of creating a grand prize and promoting it is to bring awareness, engagement, and conversion. As such, you should use a promotion method that targets your desired market so that you have a high ROI. Additionally, the prize you choose should be aligned with bringing more awareness and conversion. It would be best not to choose a reward that leaves you drained but with no conversion or engagement. You can be surprised that a grand prize of a lower value can generate just as much engagement as one with a high value, provided your participants genuinely care about your products or service.

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